‘Hell’s Kitchen’ Season 18 poll results: Majority say Chef Ramsay was too hasty-tasty about trashing the Rookies vs. Veterans premise

After a week off, we will finally get to see whether Chef Gordon Ramsay’s demolition of Season 18’s much-touted premise of Rookies vs. Veterans will be a recipe for heightening the level of competition on “Hell’s Kitchen” this Friday. So far in our recent poll, 40 percent of Gold Derby respondents thought that just after four episodes, the show’s top chef was too quick to dispatch with the premise after being bleeped-off by both teams’ sub-par performances.

But 10 percent think that going back to the usual formula of splitting the Blue and Red teams by gender will allow the seven women still on board to truly shine. Similarly, 10 percent thought an all-male team of seven would make the men rise to the occasion and kick butt.

However, instead of dumping the new format, 20 percent would have preferred that the too-often-clueless in the kitchen Rookie Chris Mendonca should have been kicked off instead for his incinerated pork chop. And the same percent would have been pleased if over-confident Trevor McGrath had been eliminated for his inedible lamb.

Judging by the above exclusive online clip from Friday’s seafood-themed Episode 5, “Fish Out of Water,” Ramsay seems to be in a much more chipper mood as he shocks the chef-testants  and pulls a fast one before they dive into the challenge this week.  One could say Kanae Houston’s unfiltered reaction to the surprise is both typical and hilarious TMI. Check out how the women vs. men switcheroo plays out when “Hell’s Kitchen” returns Friday at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Fox.

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