‘Hell’s Kitchen’ winners ranked worst to best: You won’t believe our #1 choice

Renowned chef Gordon Ramsay chooses the winner of Fox’s reality TV show “Hell’s Kitchen” each season after cutting down his field of aspiring chefs one by one. Of all the chef-testants who’ve claimed the top honor so far, which ones do we remember fondly and which ones faltered after the finish line? Click through our photo gallery above that ranks all of the past “Hells Kitchen” winners from worst to best. Can you guess who’s our #1 choice?

Some of the most respected winners among fans include Season 10’s Christina Wilson, Season 16’s Kimberly-Ann “Ryan” Ryan and Season 6’s Dave Levey. On the flip side, many viewers consider Season 9’s Paul Niedermann, Season 11’s Ja’Nel Witt and Season 13’s La Tasha Mccutchen to be among Chef Ramsay’s more questionable winners. Of the 17 former “Hell’s Kitchen” champs through the years, it’s notable that 11 have been women while only 6 men have prevailed.

“Hell’s Kitchen” is one of Fox’s longest-running series, debuting in 2005 and still going strong 13 years later. The 18th season, which is currently airing Friday nights on Fox, features a fun twist on the team concept by pitting former “veterans” against brand new “rookies.” Despite the fact that the veterans come in with tons of prior experience working alongside Chef Ramsay, the rookies are proving themselves to be forces in the kitchen, winning several key competitions. Which Season 18 contestant will join the winner’s list this year?

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