Jackie Foster is not ‘Alone’ as she rocks out to Heart for Team Alicia Keys on ‘The Voice’ live playoffs [WATCH]

Tuesday night on “The Voice,” Jackie Foster represented Team Alicia Keys during the second live playoff episode of Season 14. Jackie rocked out to Heart‘s “Alone” and will find out if she advances to the Top 12 on Wednesday, April 18. Four of Jackie’s teammates (Johnny Bliss, Kelsea Johnson, Terrence Cunningham and Christiana Danielle) also performed, while Britton Buchanan sailed through to the finals thanks to America’s vote during Monday’s episode. Do YOU think Jackie’s performance was good enough to make it to the next round? Watch “The Voice” video above.

“It’s imperative I get the opportunity to explain to America why my mouth just was hanging open,” praised Alicia as she stood up in her seat. “Jackie, you have this uncanny ability. You have a very clear sense of who you are and that’s very rare. People spend a whole lifetime trying to figure out who they are but you are very clear. And then you come up on here, you choose these beautiful songs that suit you, so I can only imagine what you’re gonna write and what you’re gonna do when you’re creating your own music.”

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Alicia continued on, “You effortlessly go to these places and I’m like, ‘Where did she just go?’ You are so unique and powerful and genuine. And so America, when you see this woman and you see this voice, don’t take for granted how hard it is to do what she did in such a flawless way. That was flawless. Vote for Jackie!” Find out if Jackie makes it into the Top 12 when the results are revealed Wednesday night on NBC.

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In his recap of “The Voice,” our live-blogger Denton Davidson summarized, “[Jackie’s] voice is soaring over the chorus and her range is incredible. Tomorrow night is going to be a blood bath! How are three of these incredible artists on Team Alicia going home? Jackie put the pedal to the metal with this performance and the coaches look gobsmacked. She’s probably getting voted through for that! Alicia is going to have to make some sort of gut-wrenching decision tomorrow and we will lose three incredible talents regardless of what happens.”

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