James Lim (‘Survivor: Ghost Island’) exit interview: I lost this ‘game of tug-of-war’ after being outnumbered [PODCAST]

After being voted out of “Survivor: Ghost Island” in Wednesday’s sixth episode, James Lim tells us that he was simply outnumbered following the season’s second tribe swap. “I thought I had done a pretty good job of flipping Angela Perkins to our side,” James readily admits. “But Kellyn Bechtold on the other side was playing this game of tug-of-war with me with Angela in the middle, and she won at the end with her narrative of Naviti strong.” Listen to our “Survivor” exit interview podcast above.

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Why does James think that his ally Michael Yerger also voted to eliminate him? “I think Michael in turn was playing kind of like a self-preservation mode game where he had just gone through a nightmarish time on Malolo and he’s right back on Malolo and he’s back in the minority. So I guess for him it was like, ‘I’m gonna do whatever I can if it means that I stay safe.’ I think him for voting for me as well was kind of a way to kind of like go into survival mode and I think that’s what ended up resulting in the 4-1 vote out.”

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“It wasn’t a complete blindside,” James reveals about whether he knew he was going home before tribal council. “I mean, no matter which way you cut it I was on the bottom of the tribe, and so I knew that there was a good chance it was gonna be me or Desiree Afuye. But the 4-1 result was a little bit shocking to me, so kudos to them for pulling that off. I honestly blacked out once I heard, ‘sixth person voted out, James.’ Watching the whole thing play back last night, I’m glad that I was able to give the kind of final word.”

“I am really humbled and grateful that I am now a ‘Survivor’ castaway,” James expresses. “Hopefully one day I’ll get to go back and reverse my own curses, but we’ll see. It’s been an amazing run.” Also in our “Survivor: Ghost Island” exit interview, James discusses the Ghost Island twist, the Domenick Abbate and Chris Noble feud, and that fateful moment he couldn’t dive down into the water. Only 14 castaways still remain in the game. Who will be voted out next week?

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