JC on ‘Big Brother’ 20 jaw-dropper: ‘I am the best puppet master ever!’ he brags after Faysal nominates Scottie for eviction

“Mission completed,” bragged JC Mounduix after he convinced Faysal Shafaat to nominate one of his closest allies, Scottie Salton, during Week 8 of “Big Brother.” “I am the best puppet master ever,” JC continued, “and Faysal is my big, dumb puppet!” After Faysal won this week’s Head of Household competition you’d think that his closest allies Scottie and Haleigh Broucher would be safe, but then JC got in his ear. JC convinced the new HOH that Scottie had a crush on his showmance partner Haleigh, and Faysal bought it hook, line and sinker. Do you agree that JC is the season’s best puppet master? Sound off down in the comments section.

“I nominated both Brett Robinson and Scottie because they’re both liars,” Faysal explained in Diary Room. “I’m not afraid to make a big move in this house. I don’t trust either of them and I don’t give a damn which one of ’em goes home. I’m here to play, baby.” After one person voted last week to keep Rockstar Lantry in the game, both Scottie and Brett took credit for the vote. While Scottie was telling the truth and Brett was lying, Faysal still nominated both of them.

Brett laughed hysterically in the Diary Room, declaring, “You are such an idiot!” after Faysal fell for JC’s manipulation. “This worked out beautifully. As long as I’m not next to anyone in Level 6 up on the nomination block, I don’t really care because I’ve got the numbers.” While Level 6 is currently down to only four members — Brett, Tyler Crispen, Kaycee Clark and Angela Rummans — both JC and Sam Bledsoe have become honorary members of the alliance in recent weeks.

For his part, Scottie was extremely confused about Faysal’s decision to nominate one of his own friends. “Unless Fess has some sort of secret deal with somebody, this doesn’t make any sense. This is so freaking stupid!” He went on, “Why would he put his ally on the block against some guy who keeps staying no matter who he’s up against. He’s literally picking his number and getting rid of me for no reason.”

Who will win the Power of Veto on Wednesday’s all-new episode of “Big Brother” Season 20? Will Brett or Scottie’s game be saved, or will one of these guys soon be joining Bayleigh Dayton and Rockstar in the jury house?

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