Jenna Bowman (‘Survivor: Ghost Island’) exit interview: I was ‘under the impression’ Donathan would be voted out [PODCAST]

Jenna Bowman fell victim to a new “Survivor: Ghost Island” twist during Wednesday’s 11th episode, in which the merged tribe of 10 players was temporarily split into two smaller groups of five. Jenna was eliminated from her tribe that also included Malolo ally Donathan Hurley and Naviti members Sebastian Noel, Angela Perkins and Chelsea Townsend. As Jenna tells us in our morning-after interview, she went to tribal council “under the impression I was working with the three Navitis to vote Donathan out.” So what went wrong? Listen to our “Survivor” exit interview podcast above.

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Jenna confesses that at tribal council she was indeed acting as though she was the target, when really she thought Donathan was heading home. “I was just making sure he thought it was me so he did not have to play the idol for himself,” she admits. “Or, in the other case, [that] he was willing to play the idol for me to save me if I voted Sebastian out. So I thought I was honestly covered from both sides.”

As for why Jenna thought Donathan didn’t use his hidden idol to save her, as he said he would, she theorizes, “Our tribal was just really awkward and cryptic and short, so I was like, ‘Jeff I just want to vote.’ I think that came off maybe more confident than nervous, so I think that’s what ended up tipping Donathan off.” In the end, Donathan played the idol for himself which didn’t have any effect on Jenna’s elimination.

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Also in our “Survivor: Ghost Island” exit interview, Jenna discusses her comment to Desiree Afuye about how didn’t receive any hugs when she was voted out, what it was like going from the players’ bench to the jury bench, whether she would have chosen to play a game at Ghost Island, and how she’s “so excited” for the May 23 finale and reunion show.

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