Jennifer Hudson throws shoe at Michael Lee on ‘The Voice’ after bluesy ‘The Thrill Is Gone’ performance [WATCH]

Tuesday night during Night 2 of NBC’s “The Voice” Season 15, newlywed Michael Lee took on B.B. King‘s “The Thrill Is Gone” and caused three coaches to turn their chairs around: Jennifer Hudson, Blake Shelton and Adam Levine. Jennifer was so impressed with Michael’s bluesy vocals that she threw her shoe at him — her way of showing her love and support. Despite the shoe toss, Michael decided to join Team Blake. Watch “The Voice” blind audition video above and read the coaches’ comments below.

“You literally beat me to death with that vocal performance,” Blake told the 30-year-old Texas native. “I was thinking the whole time, this is soulful, it’s the blues. And then I was like, ‘Screw it, I could coach this guy.’ I think this would be a match made in heaven, as a matter of fact. I knew you deserved to have all the button-pushes you could get, man. I’d be honored to be your coach. Yes sir.”

When Jennifer was trying to convince Michael to join her team, she admitted, “Obviously your guitar, that’s your extra super power. But I’m sure you can put your guitar down and my shoe will still be in the same spot that it is right now.” The fourth coach, Kelly Clarkson, regretted not pushing her button for Michael so she she tried to get him to join Team Jennifer, to no avail. Did Michael make the right choice in joining Blake’s group?

In his “The Voice” live blog, our recapper John Benutty had this to say about the performance: “Newlywed Michael Lee from Texas was next to audition, taking on ‘The Thrill Is Gone’ by B.B. King. That he was also playing the electric guitar impressed Adam who was the first coach to turn his chair, followed later by Jennifer (who threw her shoe at him) and Blake (in the last second). As the only coach to not turn for him, Kelly encouraged Michael to join Team Jennifer in order to be on a squad where he will stand out rather than be one of many guitar players on the other two teams. Sadly that advice fell on deaf ears because Michael chose Blake who spoke to the soulful and bluesy quality of Michael’s voice.”

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