Jennifer Lopez was heartbroken L&J weren’t really a couple on ‘World of Dance’ [WATCH]

In the final night of “Qualifiers” on “World of Dance” the contemporary duo of L&J — Lukas McFarlane and Julia Spiesser — showed that they were true “soulmates,” exposing their raw emotions with passion and precision on the dance floor — just don’t tell their boyfriends.

As it turns out, L&J aren’t really in L-O-V-E, which was a bit of a disappointment to the “hopeless romantics” on the judging panel, who were compelled by the romantic tension between them during their routine. But it also impressed the judges by demonstrating how effectively they were able to convey their emotions despite not sharing that particular kind of bond.

Watch L&J’s performance above, and read the judges glowing comments below.

Jennifer Lopez: “There was a lot of passion in there, and because I’m a hopeless romantic … are you guys in love? Are you guys in a relationship? The chemistry between you made me believe that you guys were absolutely a couple and that you were going through it. You were one half of each other, and it made a beautiful whole.”

Ne-Yo: “It broke my heart a little bit when you told me that you guys aren’t a couple. For me it’s all about the passion. If you can make me feel it, you did your job, and you guys did your job.”

Derek Hough: “I always feel a little bit nervous sometimes when I see a couple doing an emotional piece because I feel like sometimes the emotion can be practiced. Your performance was purely in the moment, so authentic. It was just stunning, beautiful. And you were a fantastic partner to her. Her movements were beautiful, her passion, her energy, her soul was just revealed. That was possible because you were there to support her.”

The duo scored 88 from Hough, 89 from Lopez and a whopping 94 from Ne-Yo, giving them an average of 90.3, which made them one of the highest scoring acts of the night. That means they’re one their way to “The Duels,” so they’d better keep up the good work or they could be eliminated as quickly as they advanced to the next round.

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