Jonas and Ruby (‘World of Dance’) got a standing ovation from Derek Hough for their fiery Duels tango [WATCH]

If you’re a ballroom team on “World of Dance,” the best you can hope for is a standing ovation from judge Derek Hough, who is the ballroom specialist on the panel. And that’s exactly what Junior Division duo Jonas and Ruby got during The Duels, where they went head-to-head against the hip-hop quartet Freshh. They were so good that they brought Hough to his feet, though Hough did take the stage for a moment to give them pointers about one of their maneuvers. You can never keep Hough off the dance floor for very long.

What did you think of Jonas and Ruby? Watch their tango above, and read what the judges had to say below.

Jennifer Lopez: “First of all, I see drama from head to toe, and I am a sucker for a quick change on stage. We’re talking about a wow factor, we’re talking about bringing something that’s exciting for the audience that we’re not expecting. Yes, you’re going to come out here and you’re going to dance the most beautiful tango, ballroom, gaucho moments we’ve ever seen. But then you’re also going to give us some other entertainment quality that lifts our spirits and that makes us scream.”

Derek Hough: “Jonas and Ruby, come on guys! It had a beginning, it had a middle, it had an end. It had it all. I loved the beginning where it’s an international style tango, the way you glided with no rise and fall which means you have great footwork — fantastic. Then you changed the dress and went into Argentine tango. I will just say on that last oversway at the end …” [Hough joins the young duo on stage to show them a thing or two]

Ne-Yo: “Drama and passion is what this piece was. It looked like you were on skates over here, it was that smooth. The way you guys were moving around and used the whole stage — it’s one thing to take it to us, but you’re on a circular stage so you’ve got to give everybody a little bit, and that’s exactly what you did. Great job.”

It was a close battle, but while Ne-Yo declared a tie, giving both competitors a 90, the scores from Lopez and especially Hough made it decisive. Lopez gave the ballroom duo 90 (compared to 88 for Freshh), while Hough gave them a whopping 94 (compared to 86 for Freshh). That gave Jonas and Ruby a winning average of 91.3. Did you agree with that outcome?

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