Josh and Taylor (‘World of Dance’): Did you agree with the judges’ decision about this routine during The Cut? [WATCH]

Josh and Taylor were making the most of their second chance on “World of Dance.” Both halves of this Junior Division hip-hop duo competed on the show in season one, but as members of different acts. This partnership was making great progress in season two, but it turns out the first cut is the deepest. Do you think they deserved to be eliminated during the Cut round, or were the judges off-base? Watch their performance above and decide for yourself.

These standout performers impressed the judges during the Qualifiers, when they scored 93.3. They remained consistent during the Duels with a score of 92.3. For the Cut round, when the eight remaining acts were narrowed down to the top three, they tried to up the ante with a romantic dance enhanced by a stage full of LED lights. But this turned out to be a big step down for the team, or maybe the judges were just in a sour mood since even host Jenna Dewan noticed how strict their scoring was.

Jennifer Lopez congratulated them for their innovative use of lighting in their performance, but she added skeptically, “Is it good enough for the Cut?” Ne-Yo liked the routine better when they were together than when they were apart. And Derek Hough felt that their “style of choreography didn’t really match the intensity” of the music.

The ended up with a score of 85.3, which was tied with flamenco dancer Victoria Caban as the lowest scoring routine in the division, so as other contestants took the stage they ended up as the first act cut during the Cut along with Caban. Do you think the judges gave them a fair shake, or did they deserve a higher score?

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