Julie Chen says Winston and Brett ‘need to step up their game’ on ‘Big Brother 20’

Julie Chen has already circled Tyler Crispen as the one to watch on “Big Brother 20,” but who is she less impressed with? Two of his Level 6 alliance members.

“Winston and Brett need to step up their game,” Chen told Entertainment Weekly. “They are treating this like a vacation. Granted, they didn’t have to do much as they were never in danger these past two weeks. So they spent their time making the B.B. house look like Workout Club Med central.”

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She is not wrong. Winston and Brett bonded from the beginning and had just been bro-ing it up the house with their side in power last week. They’re two dudes who talked a big game before going in (#neverforget Brett being an “American patriot fighting in the cyber landscape every single day) and have done absolutely nothing yet inside. They’re not invisible on the broadcast show like some other houseguests (cough, Angela, cough, Rockstar, cough), which you could chalk up to time constraints with so many people still in there, but watching Winston and Brett is like watching two insufferable frat boys pal around.

But they, or at least Winston, have gotten a wake-up call now. HOH Kaitlyn put Winston and Scottie up on the block, ostensibly with Winston as her target. But luckily for him, her plan is to backdoor her FOUTTE alliance member Swaggy C. (Honestly, the sooner we can stop saying “FOUTTE,” the better).

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Is it enough for them to start playing the game? It remains to be seen, but Chen definitely thinks they need to take some points from Tyler. “He has deals with just about everyone and covered all his bases,” she says. “No bad feelings from his housemates and no bad blood on his hands despite being HOH and having to nominate two people. He’s proven to be good at physical competitions and liked by all the houseguests.”

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