Kaitlyn Herman (‘Big Brother’ 20) exit interview: ‘It was for the highest good,’ exclaims the clairvoyant following live eviction

“It was for the highest good,” an emotional Kaitlyn Herman exclaimed to “Big Brother” host Julie Chen following her live eviction on Thursday night. “There is someone out here that needs me more than in there. And I’m so proud of myself.” Kaitlyn was evicted in a landslide vote of 9-1 over Rockstar Lantry, with only JC Mounduix voting to keep her. Gold Derby readers correctly predicted that Kaitlyn would be eliminated this week.

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Following the live vote, Kaitlyn was given a chance to win her way back into the game thanks to the Bonus Life power. In the “Big Brother” App Store, Kaitlyn was presented with a cartoon puzzle of herself. She had just two-and-a-half minutes to disassemble it, push it through a small door, and reassemble it on the other side. It appeared fairly simple to complete, but flustered, Kaitlyn crumbled under the pressure. “I’m actually glad because that was my control,” she told Chen. “I can live with the fact that I just didn’t do it.”

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Chen then asked Kaitlyn if she knew which houseguest cast the sole vote to keep her in the game. “Tyler [Crispin]? Fes [Shafaat]?” Kaitlyn asked. But after the clairvoyant failed to guess after two attempts, Chen revealed it was actually JC. Kaitlyn’s eyes immediately welled up with tears as she realized the two men she trusted most in the house had betrayed her. “I must look so sad,” she admitted before Chen was forced to cut the segment short due to time constraints.

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After 37 days in the “Big Brother” house, Kaitlyn became the fourth player evicted from the game. She was preceded by Steve Arienta (Day 13), Swaggy C Williams (Day 23) and Winston Hines (Day 30). The new Head of Household will be crowned and forced to nominate two more players for eviction on the episode airing Sunday, July 29 on CBS.

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