Karen y Ricardo will win ‘World of Dance,’ according to our racetrack odds

There are 12 acts left in season two of “World of Dance” going into tonight’s Divisional Finals, but Gold Derby’s users think they already know who’s going to win the whole competition: Latin cabaret phenoms Karen y Ricardo, who get leading odds of 17/10 based on our combined forecasts. Do you agree?

There are four divisions on “World of Dance”: Upper Division (age 18 and over with up to 4 members), Upper Team Division (age 18 and over with more than 4 members), Junior Division (under 18 with up to 4 members) and Junior Team Division (under 18 with more than 4 members). Karen y Ricardo represent the Upper Division, and after three rounds of competition they have the three highest Upper Division scores of the season (99.7 during the Qualifiers, 98.3 during the Duels, and 99 during the Cut).

Before Karen y Ricardo can even think about winning the World Final they’ll have to win the Upper Division Final against contemporary soloist Michael Dameski and contemporary duo Ashley and Zack. But our users don’t think that will be a problem either. They’re the overwhelming favorites there with 4/9 odds, which translates to a 70% chance of advancing to the World Final.

Ashley and Zack rank second with 4/1 odds (20% chance of winning the division), followed by Dameski with 9/1 odds (10% chance of winning the division). Indeed, they both have their work cut out for them. Their very best scores this season are lower than Karen y Ricardo’s lowest score, so not only will these underdogs need to be better than they’ve ever been, they may also have to hope the front-runners make mistakes.

But we’ve seen upsets on “World of Dance” before, and while Karen y Ricardo have flawless technique, Dameski as well as Ashley and Zack have achieved the kind of emotional storytelling with their routines that often sways the judges in a close race. So to even stand a chance they may both have to make the judges cry so hard they can’t see Karen y Ricardo through their tears. Check out our complete “World of Dance” predictions right here.

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