Katy Mixon (‘American Housewife’): ‘Both seasons I’ve been filming pregnant which is crazy!’ [EXCLUSIVE VIDEO INTERVIEW]

“Both seasons I’ve been filming pregnant which is crazy!” exclaims Katy Mixon about starring on the ABC hit sitcom “American Housewife” (watch the exclusive video above). She adds, “And this year I had Kingston. So I’m filming and dealing with a new baby and breast feeding in between scenes. It’s been really crazy.”

Last year Mixon gave birth to her first child Kingston and is expecting a girl on May 16. This has added to the hectic schedule that a network sitcom lead faces. She confesses that “to sleep would be the most genius thing in the world. I don’t know it. It’s a long lost feeling. I have to do 65 hours a week. I have to shoot 25-35 scenes in 5 days which is crazy. I had to find peace within myself about the schedule. I just have to tackle each day as it comes and be very present in each hour. I’m married to the most unbelievable man. But I don’t know how I’m doing it, I’m just doing it.”

On “American Housewife,” Mixon plays Katie Otto, a wife and mother of three who wants to lead a different life to the privileged families in her new Connecticut hometown. Mixon says that “a second season on television can be so fun because you can expand. The first season you’re setting everything up. A second season you get to play. Katie began with a situation where she felt insecure. But I think she’s evolved. She’s learnt she doesn’t want to be on the outs in every sense of the word. She’s all about confronting and getting to the heart of the matter. She loves her family and she’s ride or die for em.”

On starting the role, she says, “I was using my imagination. I grew up in a really large family; six girls and one boy. Being a mommy I know, cause I watched my mom do it. So that’s how I jumped in with ‘American Housewife.’ I was ‘alright I’m Katie Otto and I’ve got three children.’  But it’s been wild because I gave birth last year and mentally that’s added so many things. Having a baby has added a lot.”

Growing up, Mixon was influenced by “watching Lucille Ball and Carol Burnett just be ruthless and do what they do. That’s what I’ve tried to do. I’ll try anything. I’m not initiated by anything. I have no problem laughing with my own self. You just have to be fearless. This season I had to draw penises, although I think they got edited out by ABC. I was six months pregnant and they told me to draw them, then take off and run. I was meant to go into track and field back in the day. I was real fast. And now I had to run all over the place. I was like ‘you know guys, I’m a good six months pregnant.’”

Mixon says on “American Housewife” she has learned “that we can have two babies and do 65 hours and 35 scenes in one week. I’m such a big fan of just jumping in the deep end and having a swim. We don’t know how it’s gonna go. But with a heart of humility and gratefulness and just having fun; it’s so much fun to go to work. That’s what I take away from it, truly.”

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