Kelly Clarkson gets sweet revenge on Jennifer Hudson by stealing Zaxai after ‘The Voice’ battle with Tyshawn Colquitt [WATCH]

During Monday’s episode of “The Voice” Season 15, Jennifer Hudson paired up R&B singers Tyshawn Colquitt and Zaxai in a battle to Normani’s “Love Lies.” Since their performance was evenly matched, Jennifer had a tough time picking the winner. “That battle hurt my feelings,” she admitted backstage after finally deciding to save Tyshawn and cut Zaxai. But that’s when Kelly Clarkson got sweet revenge on JHud, who previously blocked her, by swooping in to steal Zaxai for her team. Watch NBC’s “The Voice” battle video above and read the coaches’ comments below.

After the two artists finished singing Jennifer proclaimed, “Well, I think you guys did excellent. What I love about you Tyshawn is just your energy, your infectiousness, your smile. But you both are equally great. Zaxai, you’re so smooth with it. You’ve got that seasoned vet-ness about you, that laid-back old school swag. This is why I hate this part because I thought both of you should go through. The winner of this battle is … Tyshawn.”

“Zaxai, your voice feels like a warm blanket,” Kelly smiled. “It was beautiful, man. It sounded so good. And you get big and then be like, ‘Hey, it’s a secret. It’s a sexy secret.’ It was so good. You know what I just remembered? [Jennifer] blocked me for Zaxai, didn’t you?” That prior act no doubt helped Kelly make her decision to steal Zaxai for her team, noting later that he had a “really cool ease and smoothness” about him.

In his “The Voice” live blog, our recapper John Benutty had this to say about the battle: “In their battle the guys interpreted the song into something much more dramatic than the original, opening the performance up with a tender approach to the lyrics, but eventually they opened it up into something dynamic. They played off of each other’s energy really well and brought a flavor and vibe that established both of them as true artists. Kelly highlighted Tyshawn’s range, but also loved Zaxai’s warmth, eventually remembering that Jennifer had blocked her from bringing him to her team in the blinds. With that in mind, Jennifer decided to keep Tyshawn, I think knowing that what happened would happen – Kelly stole Zaxai for herself!”

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