Motorcycle daredevil Kenny Thomas almost kills Howie Mandel during ‘America’s Got Talent’ audition [WATCH]

During the Tuesday, June 26 episode of “America’s Got Talent,” French motorcycle daredevil Kenny Thomas had America on the edge of its seat when he almost killed Howie Mandel. Kenny asked an unwitting Howie to be his assistant, and then proceeded to do dangerous motorcycle tricks right over his body. The trick ended with Kenny doing a 360-degree backflip, then coming within inches of Howie’s groin. Needless to say, the audience loved it and all four judges — Howie, Simon Cowell, Mel B and Heidi Klum — voted to send Kenny through to the next round. Watch the “Americas Got Talent” audition above and read the judges’ comments below.

Howie: “It seemed amazing and I think I’m an idiot for saying yes without asking what it is. I just want you to come back so I can see what it is you did from this angle.”

Mel B: “You are a daredevil, aren’t you, Kenny? I like that.”

Heidi: “I loved it, too. It was super exciting. I was really scared for you, Howie. I mean, it was so close to everything: your head, your jewels, your hands.”

Simon: “Look, Howie, I’m glad to say after that act you’ve still got balls. I think this is exactly the kind of act we should have on ‘America’s Got Talent.’ Thank you for coming over from France.”

In his “AGT” recap, our live-blogger John Benutty noted, “All the way from Paris to perform his daring act, Kenny Thomas asked Howie to come to the stage as his assistant. With a helmet on, Howie laid flat out on the ground with his limbs spread out like a starfish as Kenny revved up a motor bike and hopped around him within inches of his body. In the final moments of the act, Kenny did a flip on the bike and then skirted toward Howie on one wheel, stopping just before hitting his body. With Kenny’s assurance that future performances will include doing dangerous things with Howie, Simon kicks off what turns into a four-YES decision with his approval of the act.”

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