Kevin Cottle and T Gregoire are the ‘Hell’s Kitchen’ veterans who MOST deserve a second chance, say readers [POLL RESULTS]

Recently we asked our readers to vote for which “Hell’s Kitchen” veteran most deserves a second chance at becoming Gordon Ramsay‘s next head chef, and two contestants topped our poll: Kevin Cottle at 36% and T Gregoire at 18%. Both players previously came in second place during their original runs, with Kevin losing to Dave Levey in Season 6 and T being bested by Meghan Gill in Season 14.

So far in this first-ever “Rookies vs. Veterans” cycle, Kevin and T have proven themselves worry of the title of “Hell’s Kitchen” winner. While some of their fellow veterans continue floundering like uncooked fish — just look at Jen Gavin who left during dinner service after accusing Ramsay of lying — Kevin and T are clearly in it to win it.

Ramsay has an infatuation for both of these aspiring chefs, as he’s yet to curse or throw anything at them … of course, it’s only been three episodes. In the first episode’s risotto challenge, Kevin’s dish received a perfect 5/5 while T’s risotto earned a respectful 3/5. Kevin was close to winning that challenge but Ramsay ultimately decided that rookie Mia Castro‘s plate was slightly better.

Following Kevin and T in our poll results that reveal which veteran most deserves a second chance, Bret Hauser comes in third place at 17%, followed by Ariel Contreras-Fox in fourth place at 12% and Heather Williams in fifth place at 10%. The other trio of veterans — Jen, Roe DiLeo and Trev McGrath — failed to earn double-digits.

Because veteran Jen was sent home during the middle of service, Ramsay decided not to eliminate another chef at the end of last week’s episode. Thus, both “Hells Kitchen” Season 18 teams are currently tied at seven chefs apiece after Scott Popvic was previously fired from the rookie group. Will a rookie or a veteran be eliminated during Friday’s all-new episode?

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