Kevin Krieger’s orange-peeling ‘robot’ receives four X’s on ‘America’s Got Talent’ for eye-rolling act [WATCH]

“I was created in the one-bedroom apartment of a man by the name of Kevin Krieger,” declared an orange-peeling “robot” named I Am Robot during his “America’s Got Talent” audition on Tuesday’s episode. In the “AGT” video above, the low-tech tinfoil-armed robot appears ironically at the 1:15 mark following a collection of acts who upped the game in Season 13 in terms of virtual reality technology. “Are you making a living at this?” asked judge Howie Mandel. “Please, Howie, please,” clapped back the robot before giving a product demonstration of his orange-peeling skills.

Unfortunately, the robot’s clamp hands could not peel the orange that host Tyra Banks threw at him from the side of the stage and he was rightly booed by the studio audience. Soon all four judges — Howie, Simon Cowell, Mel B and Heidi Klum — were slamming their hands on their X’s. Watch the disastrous “Americas Got Talent” audition above and read the judges’ comments below.

Simon: “Well, there’s nothing to say. It wasn’t an act. It was just you with weird arms missing an orange. I mean, what do you want me to say?”

Heidi: “Honestly, I don’t think I could roll my eyes into my head far enough watching that.”

Howie: “We’re about to vote. I’m giving you your first no. Thank you so much. I feel bad.”

Mel B: “No.”

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In his “AGT” recap our live-blogger John Benutty wrote, “I Am Robot came to the stage in tinfoil arms with clamp fingers in what can only be explained as a comedy act gone very wrong. He called his act a ‘product demonstration,’ but that just meant he was going to try to peel an orange using his clamp fingers … at which point he got X’d off the stage one by one from each of the judges.”

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