Laurie Metcalf is totally OK losing the Oscar to Allison Janney

Laurie Metcalf has her share of die-hard fans who wish she had won the Best Supporting Actress Oscar for “Lady Bird,” but the actress herself was completely fine hearing Allison Janney’s (“I, Tonya”) name read aloud. In fact, you could even say relieved.

“I don’t like the idea of saying something on stage,” Metcalf tells The Daily Beast. “It’s stressful, so when that doesn’t happen it’s OK. It’s like, ‘Congratulations, Allison.’”

Metcalf, who won the lion’s share of critics awards — and the Gold Derby Award — before Janney steamrolled through the televised prizes, adds that there are no hard feelings or any competitiveness between her and Janney. She is only competitive with herself, she says, and “won’t let anything go until I’m satisfied with how it is.” And besides, she and Janney are longtime pals.

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“Allison and I go way back,” Metcalf notes. “We were both Oscar virgins. A lot of those nominees had been through this many times. So, it was fun to go through the whole circus, the runaway train, with her. We would see a lot of each other at these events and award shows. She sent me a beautiful bouquet of flowers after she won the Oscar.”

While she didn’t win the real thing, she has a consolation “Oscar” in her dressing room of her new Broadway play “Three Tall Women.” The faux statuette is engraved with “World’s Greatest Superstar.” “A friend bought me it from a stall on the corner,” Metcalf says.

And, of course, she could add more hardware later this year at the Tonys for “Three Tall Women” and the Emmys for the “Roseanne” revival. Metcalf is currently in second place in our Tony odds for Best Actress in a Play and second in our Emmy odds for Best Comedy Supporting Actress, which she won three times during “Roseanne”’s original run.

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