Will Emmy voters finally ‘bend the knee’ to Lena Headey, Queen of ‘Game of Thrones’?

The phrase ‘bend the knee’ has become more with each season of “Game of Thrones.” Joffrey would throw his toys out of the proverbial pram (his toys being knives and crossbows and the heads of cats) and scream it anyone who spoke out of tone, Stannis would miserably mutter that anyone who didn’t bend the knee to him would be destroyed and Daenarys has been obsessed in the latest season of the show with with knees being bent.

As of late, there is only one ruler of the Seven Kingdoms, Queen Cersei, who has done surprisingly well at getting people to bend the knee. Randall Early served her right up until the moment he was crisped by one of Dany’s dragons for, ironically, refusing to bend the knee to Daenarys after she demanded it and Tyrion implored him to do it. Anyways, he dead now. So is his son.

Nevertheless, Cersei is not short of allies, with Euron Greyjoy essentially bending the knee and joining forces with her and vowing to ferry over the Golden Company in a bid to help her win the war for the Iron Throne. That’s one battle to win a prize. Another is the battle for the Best Supporting Drama Actress Emmy, in which Cersei’s portrayer, Lena Headey, is competing.

Unlike her character, the actress hasn’t had much luck in getting Emmy voters to bend her way. She has been nominated three times running for this role beginning in 2014 and lost to Anna Gunn (“Breaking Bad”), Uzo Aduba (“Orange is the New Black”) and Maggie Smith (“Downton Abbey”). 

But season seven could be the lucky one for Headey. After all, Cersei is now the show’s primary villain after the High Priest and Ramsay Bolton were both dispatched in season six. Her becoming villain-in-chief has been one of the highlights of the season, and each scene she has is a treat. The delicious maliciousness of Cersei is a pleasure to watch and Headey devours each line with relish. Her revenge on the Dornish sand snakes, her meeting with Tyrion, her discussions with the the Iron Bank’s representative, her climatic confrontation with twincest partner Jaime – it’s all as gold as the lion of house Lannister.

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