‘World of Dance’: Luka and Jenalyn made a comeback with their high-flying acrobatics [WATCH]

World of Dance” isn’t just about winning a million dollars for everyone. For some it’s an opportunity at redemption after falling short during season one — though it definitely is also about winning a million dollars. The latest competitors hoping to improve their results are Luka and Jenalyn, an Upper Division duo who add acrobatics to their ballroom choreography.

Luka and Jenalyn did pretty well in season one. They advanced through the qualifiers and even won their “Duel” during the single-elimination round. They actually defeated another ballroom team during that duel, DNA, who have also come back for a second attempt at the million-dollar prize this year. But then Luka and Jenalyn were cut during the third round, appropriately known as “The Cut.” Did they make the cut this time? Watch their performance from “The Qualifiers 7” above, and see what the judges had to say below.

Jennifer Lopez: “It’s good to see you look different. They grow up in one year, it’s crazy! You have the tricks. Most people can’t do what you guys do. I saw growth in you guys from last year because I remember it was the in-between and the dancing that I was always kind of picking on. And I really feel like you grew up a lot. I’m really happy that you guys are back.”

Derek Hough: “I loved the intro, which was beautiful, where it was subtle. It was small: the arm, the leg movement, the head — it doesn’t have to be big, but it has to be intentional, and the beginning was very good with that. I will say one thing for you, Luka: the body roll … I would say, don’t do a body roll next time. If you do it, you’ve got to do it. All around, great job.”

Ne-Yo: “I love that you guys took our notes from last time. Great job tonight, you should be super proud of yourselves. Luka, there’s this face that you make when you’re dancing that looks like you’re straining. ‘Into it’ is one thing, but that is absolutely a straining face, I’m sorry. Listen, I want to feel like she’s as light as a feather.”

Despite a couple of critical notes from the judges, it was a pretty good night for the comeback kids. they scored 87 from Hough, 86 from Lopez, and 88 from Ne-Yo, giving them an average of 87, well over the 80 points they needed to advance to the upcoming “Duels” round.

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