Mahershala Ali could become the 7th performer with a perfect 2-for-2 Oscar record

What’s harder than winning more than one Oscar? Having a perfect record while doing so. But that’s what our combined odds are forecasting for Mahershala Ali (“Green Book”), who could join the exclusive 2-for-2 club if he prevails in Best Supporting Actor.

Only six actors have never lost an Oscar from multiple nominations:

1. Luise Rainer: Best Actress for “The Great Ziegfeld” (1936) and “The Good Earth” (1937)

2. Vivien Leigh: Best Actress for “Gone with the Wind” (1939) and “A Streetcar Named Desire” (1951)

3. Helen Hayes: Best Actress for “The Sin of Madelon Claudet” (1932) and Best Supporting Actress for “Airport” (1970)

4. Kevin Spacey: Best Supporting Actor for “The Usual Suspects” (1995) and Best Actor for “American Beauty” (1999)

5. Hilary Swank: Best Actress for “Boys Don’t Cry” (1999) and “Million Dollar Baby” (2004)

6. Christoph Waltz: Best Supporting Actor for “Inglourious Basterds” (2009) and “Django Unchained” (2012)

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While it’s rare, it’s doable to go 2-for-2 if you have the right amalgamation of performance, acclaim, competition and narrative. No one has managed to maintain a perfect record with three or more nominations, unsurprisingly, since there are only six actors who’ve won three or more Oscars: Katharine Hepburn (four), Meryl Streep (three), Jack Nicholson (three), Daniel Day-Lewis (three), Ingrid Bergman (three) and Walter Brennan (three). Brennan does have a 3-for-4 record, losing his fourth Best Supporting Actor bid for “Sergeant York” (1941).

There are five people with 2-for-3 records: Peter Ustinov, Jason Robards, Melvyn Douglas, Dianne Wiest and Sally Field. But only Robards and Field had 2-for-2 records to start before coming up short on their third nominations. Field, in fact, left the 2-for-2 club on the same night Waltz joined it, following her Best Supporting Actress loss for “Lincoln” (2012).

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Ali, who won Best Supporting Actor” for Moonlight” (2016), has slowly climbed to the top of our predictions, dethroning season-long favorite Timothee Chalamet (“Beautiful Boy”), as “Green Book” continues to charm audiences on the festival circuit. He plays Don Shirley, a meticulous pianist whose real-life friendship with his driver Tony “Lip” Vallelonga (Viggo Mortensen) during his 1962 concert tour in the Deep South inspired the film. Unlike his first-act only turn in “Moonlight,” Ali has a ton of screen time in “Green Book” and could feasibly be campaigned in Best Actor, which is another checkmark in the “pro” column for him to triumph here.

Ali isn’t the only one this year looking to go 2-for-2. Reigning Best Supporting Actor champ Sam Rockwell and 2005 Best Supporting Actress winner Rachel Weisz are both in fifth place in their same respective categories for “Vice” and “The Favourite.”

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