Margo Martindale would make Emmy history with nomination for guest role on ‘The Good Fight’

Margo Martindale has emerged as one of the TV academy’s favorites. She has racked up five Emmy nominations so far this decade with three wins: Best Drama Supporting Actress for “Justiied” in 2011 and as Best Drama Guest Actress for “The Americans” in 2015 and 2016. This year, she is a strong contended in that latter race for her scene-stealing turn on CBS All Access’ “The Good Fight” as as political strategist Ruth Eastman.

Should Martindale reap a bid, she will set a new record (five) for most appearances in this category, breaking her tie with Alfre Woodard. Her first four nominations were for “The Americans” (for which she is eligible in Best Drama Supporting Actress this year).

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Martindale appeared in three episodes of “The Good Fight” this season – “Day 450,” “Day 464” and “Day 492” – reprising her role from “The Good Wife.” Eastman, eying law firms for involvement in the Democratic National Committee’s plan to impeach President Donald Trump once that party regains control of Congress, approaches Reddick, Boseman & Lockhart for legal arguments that could be later used to justify impeachment. The request sets off a raucous debate over the best strategy in making a case against Trump.

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In his review of “Day 450,” Chancellor Agard of Entertainment Weekly wrote, “‘The Good Fight’ has done a good job of not getting lost in politics this season, but I was still worried going into this episode because it’s such a treacherous premise. Clearly I was wrong to be concerned, because the show pulls it off here. ‘Day 450’ is an entertaining hour that deals with this hot topic without losing sight of its characters.”

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