NatGeo’s ‘Jane’ gets 1/4 odds at the Emmys to wreak revenge against the Oscars

One of the best things about showbiz awards is that there are a lot of them, so it’s possible for worthy contenders to rebound triumphantly at a new trophy show soon after getting skunked at another. Call it the Hollywood Happy Ending Syndrome and now it looks like it is about to play out at the Emmys for NatGeo’s hugely  successful and critically acclaimed “Jane,” according to Gold Derby’s predictions (1/4 odds).

The documentary about the life and career of chimpanzee researcher Jane Goodall got cruelly slapped down by the doc branch of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences earlier this year when it was left off of the list of Oscar nominees. The snub wasn’t “Jane’s” fault. The academy’s doc branch has a shameful history of denying gold to worthy contenders that’ve already struck gold at the box office and have heard the cheers of film critics and the masses. It’s as if Oscar leaders are saying: “You’ve already received your reward, so – sorry – you can’t have this one,” even if it’s deserved. That’s what happened, notoriously, to “Hoop Dreams,” “Roger and Me,” “Life Itself,” etc.

Other industry peer-group awards believed “Jane” was worthy. It snagged trophies from the producers’ and writers’ guilds after reaping and an impressive $1.6 million at the box office and a near-perfect score (98) at Rotten Tomatoes. Next up, apparently: the Emmys. What do you think? Make your predictions here.

Yes, it’s weird, and maybe even unfair that this is one of those rare films that is eligible to compete at both the Oscars and Emmys, but that’s another matter.

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