Noted Oscarologist Susan Wloszczyna joins Gold Derby as senior editor

Susan Wloszczyna has reigned as one of America’s premiere Oscarologists while reporting on the academy derby for nearly three decades at USA Today where she also served as copy desk chief and film critic. In recent years, she contributed to Washington Post, Indiewire and, but now she joins Gold Derby as full-time senior editor.

Susan has been a longtime Oscar Expert at Gold Derby and good friend to me and our executive editor Paul Sheehan. Over the years while covering the Toronto Film Festival, the three of us have had lots of fun swapping tattle and strong personal opinions about the “Oscar films” being previewed to the industry. Often we’d bump into each other while zigzagging around town to screenings.

“Have you seen ‘Capote’ yet?” Susan would gasp. “Standing ovations!” Then we’d lose each other in a crowd, only to catch up later that night at Sony Pictures Classics’ swank bash. While sipping a pale wine, she’d add, “Philip Seymour Hoffman has the Oscar in the bag – unless, of course, George Clooney goes lead for ‘Syriana.’ Then we might have a fight!” Keep in mind, we’d have these kinds of chats months before these movies were shown in Hollywood and beyond. That’s how well Susan knows her Oscars! Click here to see her current Emmy predictions

Welcome aboard Gold Derby full time, Susan! All of us editors can’t wait to have many, many more fun Oscar chats with you!

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