Gold Derby hires our smartest predictions expert Joyce Eng as senior editor

Enough! If you can’t beat ’em, hire ’em! — that’s my new motto. While representing at Gold Derby for the past few years, Joyce Eng has won the most prediction contests against our other experts from top media. By far. She achieved (or tied) the highest accuracy scores for all of these prediction events at Gold Derby:

2018 SAG film nominations
2018 Critics’ Choice nominations
2018 Grammy nominations
2017 Emmy nominations
2017 Oscars
2017 BAFTAs
2017 BAFTA nominations
2017 SAGs TV
2017 Golden Globes TV
2017 SAG film nominations
2016 Emmy nominations
2016 BAFTAs
2015 SAGs TV

How heck does Joyce trounce the competition (including poor little ME) so consistently? That’s what she will now be forced to reveal since we were sneaky enough to hire her as our first new editorial staff addition since Gold Derby was acquired by Penske Media Corp. in 2015.

Welcome aboard, Joyce!

We began prying Joyce for her prediction secrets a few days ago when we celebrated her new job as our Senior Editor while dining at Lincoln Square Steak House in Manhattan. From left in the photo above: me, Joyce, senior editor Daniel Montgomery and contributing writer Charles Bright.

We’ve been unsuccessful so far getting her to tattle on herself, but we’ll keep pressing!

To see some of Joyce’s current predictions, click these links: Oscar nominations, Golden Globe film awards, Golden Globe TV awards.

Joyce explains why she accepted our job offer: “I had long forced my poor friends to make awards predictions with me before I discovered Gold Derby way back when it was merely message boards. It’s been an honor being an Expert and it’s an even greater honor to join the team with the best Oscarologists who won’t judge me when I say I stayed up until 4 a.m. stressing out over my Oscar predictions (true story — Feb. 19, 2015).”

Gold Derby now has six full-time editors on staff, including Joyce, me, Daniel, Executive Editor Paul Sheehan, Managing Editor Chris Beachum and Senior Editor Marcus James Dixon. Join the live discussion in our forums about this big Gold Derby news.

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