Top 13 sassiest forum reactions to Academy Awards changes: ‘The Oscars deserve a Razzie for this’

“The Oscars deserve a Razzie for this,” writes Gold Derby reader DaKardii in our movie forums in response to the controversial Oscar rule changes that were announced on Wednesday. That comment sums up the bulk of reactions from our Oscar-obsessed readers who find themselves disappointed with the creation of a Best Popular Film category, with the removal of certain races from the live telecast (to be rewarded during commercial breaks) and with the ceremony moving to a three-hour show earlier in the year.

Below, see a dozen more sassy reactions from Gold Derby forum posters, then be sure to join the discussion to let us know what YOU think of all of these new Oscar tweaks.

Alex Meyer: “Until they announce the full criteria for this category, I’m going to remain hesitant about it.”

buttonmoon11: “‘Black Panther’ would have done well without this new category. This actually weakens its credibility when it no doubt will get nominated in the popular category.”

Atypical: “Highly disrespectful to tech and craft nominees being shuttled off to the commercial breaks.”

Richard Aniston: “Don’t like the new popular film category. A film should stand on its own merits regardless of how popular it is.”

Mukund: “They couldn’t have added something like Stunt Coordination or Casting, could they? I guess it’s just so they can increase the ratings.”

M: The Original: “Hoping the public fallout (online hysteria) is enough for them to kill the idea before implementing it.”

Eden: “Nominating the biggest box office hits for an Academy Award just because it earned tons of money doesn’t make sense. The Oscars are supposed to be prestige awards, you have other ceremonies for popularity contests.”

Sean Phillips: “I hope the winners announced during the ads refuse to leave the stage.”

GusCruz: “It took them over ninety years to blatantly bring box office into awards discussion, but it’s finally here.”

Zooey the Dreamer: “Some people ask why it is disrespectful to present awards during the commercial breaks! Let me ask them: Would Sandra Bullock or Emma Stone accept to be presented with an Oscar during the commercial break?! Of course not.”

Pulp: “The Oscars should feel special, and sophisticated, this is the opposite of that.”

ereyethirn: “As for popular film, I actually don’t have as much of a problem with it as some around here do, though it will be a difficult tightrope to walk deciding what is eligible.”

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