Oscars 2018 predictions slugfest: Rob Licuria and Chris Beachum fiercely debate all 24 categories in 24 minutes [WATCH]

“I’m sticking with ‘Shape of Water’!” proclaims senior editor Rob Licuria about his Oscar prediction for Best Picture. He recently joined managing editor Chris Beachum to fiercely debate in a new slugfest and revive their annual tradition of dishing their predictions for all 24 Oscar categories in 24 minutes. “We reserve the right to still change [our predictions], but here’s where we stand right now,” Beachum declares, as they both agonize over some of the tougher categories to predict, especially the competitive Best Picture category. Watch our video chat above.

“Best Picture is going to give me a lot of heartburn over the next few weeks,” Licuria admits. “I’m really close to switching over to ‘Three Billboards,’ especially after its success at the BAFTAs.” Beachum agrees for the time being, noting that “if you look at my page right now, it says ‘Shape of Water,'” he says. “But the nice thing for us right now is that a month ago, we were really debating four movies,” he explains. “I do think it’s down to the two you’ve mentioned,” noting the pros and cons that frontrunners “Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri” and “The Shape of Water” both seem to have in this unpredictable race.

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Most importantly for Beachum, he believes that “particularly with the preferential ballot, ‘Three Billboards’ is more divisive,” he says. “There’s two kinds of divisive for me. There’s the divisive of a ‘La La Land,’ where a voter feels the need to go another way,” he explains, adding that “Three Billboards” is divisive in a different way, where many people actively dislike the film. “That divisiveness has held me back,” Licuria admits, adding that “‘The Shape of Water’ is a safer bet because it is more accepted and liked, even if you didn’t love it, I haven’t met anyone that hates it.”

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