Watch clash of 3 Oscar prediction Experts: Glenn Whipp, Joyce Eng & Tom O’Neil [Video & Audio Podcast]

Call this chat the Ultimate Clash of the Oscar Predictions Titans. Glenn Whipp (L.A. Times) and Gold Derby senior editor Joyce Eng consistently have the best accuracy scores when competing against scores of other Experts who predict the Oscars and Emmys at Gold Derby. Now we’ve called them together to size up the current derby: What films are out front? Watch video of our chat above or listen to the audio podcast version below.

See our Oscar predictions for Best Picture stacked up against the rankings of 24 other Experts. See all of Glenn’s Oscar predictions here, Joyce’s predictions here, mine here. Disagree with us? Make your own predictions and compete against Gold Derby’s Experts.

“I currently have ‘A Star Is Born’ winning,” Joyce says. “I think that’s the one we have the most data on now and it’s the talk of the town right at the moment.” However, she warns: “I think ‘Green Book’ is very dangerous.”

Glenn agrees, calling “Green Book” “the sleeping giant of awards season.

“It’s opening Thanksgiving,” he adds. “It’s just going to be huge. Universal keeps having to add screenings because the word of mouth on this movie is so fantastic.”

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