‘Outlander’ episode 4.1 video recap: Claire and Jamie’s new beginnings in premiere ‘America the Beautiful’ [WATCH]

Outlander” fans rejoice! The droughtlander (the fans’ affectionate name for the interminable hiatuses between seasons) is over! Almost a year after the show’s sensational third season finale on Starz, the blockbuster fantasy romance drama is back, and promises to be better than ever. While fans worldwide are once again captivated by its addictive mix of spectacle, intrigue and romance, Gold Derby is presenting weekly video recaps to break down the labyrinthine storylines and bizarre plot twists.

This year, in our ongoing video series, our resident Gold Derby married couple – senior editor Rob Licuria and “Outlander” fan Paula Licuria – will dish the highs and lows of each episode week to week of this chapter of the fantasy romance saga based on “Drums of Autumn,” Diana Gabaldon’s fourth novel in the series of books (watch above).

In “America the Beautiful,” the season four premiere airing November 4 on Starz, we pick up where season three left off, with Jamie (Sam Heughan) and Claire (Caitriona Balfe) in the colony of North Carolina, trying to secure passage home to bonnie Scotland. During their journey, they cross paths with the target of a manhunt, Stephen Bonnet (Ed Speelers), a charming pirate and smuggler. Bonnet, desperately needing to evade the authorities, enlists Jamie and Claire’s aid; a decision that results in disastrous consequences. Later, Jamie and Claire attend a dinner party hosted by Wilmington’s elite where Jamie receives a generous offer from the Governor of North Carolina that captures his imagination. While Claire provides insight into the opportunities the colonies in the New World hold, she warns Jamie about the darker side of the American Dream. Episode 4.1 was written by Matthew B. Roberts and Toni Graphia and directed by Julian Holmes.

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“This year, we thought we would do something a little different and shake things up a bit,” Rob explains when setting up the premise for Gold Derby’s “Outlander” recaps this year. “Given that we are talking about our favorite married couple on TV,” he says, “why not have a real life married couple here at Gold Derby debate and talk about your favorite show from week to week.”

“This year we will have a book reader, who also loves the show and me, who hasn’t read a single page from the books and doesn’t intend to, but really appreciates the show,” Rob further explains, introducing his wife who is a self-proclaimed number one fan of the show and the books, declaring, “I wait with baited breath every year for the new season to start and I have read every single book,” adding that she is “so looking forward to joining these chats and debating whether the show is better than the books!”

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