Predictions WAR! Sasha Stone vs. Tom O’Neil on PGA, SAG Awards and Oscars [Video & Audio Podcast]

“This is the first time we’re going to know the winners of the PGA and SAG Awards before we hear the Oscar nominations,” notes Sasha Stone (Awards Daily). So that means we prognosticators now have fewer tea leaves to predict what will happen at the Producers Guild Awards on Saturday and Screen Actors Guild Awards on Sunday.

But that doesn’t mean we’re not sticking out our thin, trembling necks. See Sasha’s predictions: SAG Awards, PGA Awards and Oscar nominations. See mine: SAG Awards, PGA Awards and Oscar nominations.

As Sasha also points out, there’s another oddity this year. “At the PGA, this is the first time we’re predicting a race with 11 nominees.” But these voters fill out their ballots much like Oscar voters. For the past seven years, they’ve ranked their favorites instead of just checking off a winner. That invites surprises, but it also can be predictive. Over those 7 years, PGA correctly predicted the top Oscar 5 times, but the guild was wrong for the past 2 years.

Sasha and I are both torn by the suspense looming over the whole, very exciting Oscar derby this year. When making predictions, Sasha confesses, “I keep going back and forth. Every day I change my mind. I honestly do!”

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