Poreotics (‘World of Dance’) made Derek Hough eat his words (and his ‘jelly doughnut’) during The Cut [WATCH]

When you think of hip-hop dancing the first song that comes to mind is obviously “A Thousand Miles” by Vanessa Carlton … Wait, you mean it’s not the song you think of? Well it is now. During the Cut round on “World of Dance” the hip-hop troupe Poreotics found funk in the most unlikely of places. Watch their unique and innovative performance above.

Poreotics had a lot to prove coming into the Cut. Their Qualifying round scored an 88. But their Duels performance was a bit of a step back for them. They won with a modest score of 87.7, and judge Derek Hough told them that their routine took so long to get to the good stuff in the middle that it was like a “jelly doughnut.”

But when life gives you jelly doughnuts, make jelly doughnut-flavored lemonade. Their performance during the Cut started with a playful EDM track incorporating Hough’s “jelly doughnut” comment before switching to the remixed Carlton ballad. That probably sounds pretty disjointed, and it probably should have been a mess, but their playful choreography and unique shapes made it one of the highlights of the night.

“I got your point. You guys are dope,” said Hough during his mea culpa at the judges’ table. Ne-Yo thought it was “damn near perfect.” And Jennifer Lopez thought it was one of their “better routines, for sure.” They ended up with an average score of 91.7. That was good enough to place them second in their division, so they’re moving on to the Divisional Final! Did you agree with that result? Vote in our poll below to let us know who you think should win the Upper Team Division now that it’s down to the final three.

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