‘Project Runway All Stars’: Helen Castillo is the last woman standing in season 6, so can she win or will she be next to go?

Helen Castillo is the last woman standing in season six of “Project Runway All Stars.” Is there a chance she could win the whole competition, or is she doomed to be eliminated just like every other woman on the show?

The season started with 16 contestants: 9 women and 7 men. After 8 episodes the show is down to 1 woman and 6 men. Carlos Casanova was eliminated in the season premiere episode, but then the women were picked off one-by-one: Kelly Dempsey in “Damsels in Distress,” then Ari South and Melissa Fleis in “Perfect Pairings,” Candice Cuoco in “Balls Out,” Amanda Valentine in “Fashion’s New Superheroes,” Char Glover in “Thrown for a Loop by Betty Boop,” Kimberly Goldson in “A Kick in the Astro” and Merline Labissiere in “Mizrahi Madness.”

The fact that Castillo is the last representative of the distaff designers is perhaps surprising since she got off to such a rocky start. She got one of the low scores from the judges in the season premiere, and then in “Balls Out” she landed in the bottom two and made it worse by disparaging her rivals’ work in front of the judges. That angered her fellow designers, and it didn’t sit well with the judges either, but she survived that conflict and has been on an upswing ever since. Though she hasn’t won a design challenge yet, she got high scores in “Betty Boop” and “Mizrahi Madness” and hasn’t been in the bottom three again.

So can Castillo keep that trajectory going, or will she be the latest victim of what seems to be a curse against the female designers this season? According to our episode-nine predictions she trails in fifth place with 14/1 odds of winning the season, but we don’t think she’ll be sent home next either: she ranks fourth with 13/2 odds of being eliminated. Might we be underestimating her?

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