‘Project Runway All Stars’ recap: ‘Nina’s Crushing It,’ but did the designers get crushed? [UPDATING LIVE]

There have been unusual design inspirations on “Project Runway” before. Just this season on “All Stars” the contestants have distressed their looks with razors and blowtorches, made ball gowns out of literal balls, and even designed a look for cartoon character Betty Boop. So naturally in episode 11, “Nina’s Crushing It,” it was time for the designers to apply their skills to resort wear inspired by the “Candy Crush Saga” mobile video game. So how did Edmond Newton, Stanley Hudson, Fabio Costa, Ken Laurence and Anthony Williams do on the road to the finale on April 5? Find out below in our live blog with all the minute-by-minute updates.

The pressure on the final five designers was high enough given the high level of competition this late in the game — all of them had won at least one design challenge up to this point. But this week they also had to impress guest judge Nina Garcia, the fashion director for Marie Claire magazine and a regular judge in the original “Project Runway” series. Garcia and fellow guest Kelly Osbourne joined the regular panelists Georgina Chapman, Isaac Mizrahi and host Alyssa Milano to evaluate the designs.

Going into Thursday night’s episode Stanley had won three design challenges, more than any other contestant up to that point, and he was the front-runner to win the season according to the latest predictions of Gold Derby users who entered their picks in our predictions center. Edmond and Ken had only won one challenge apiece, so our users thought they were at greatest risk of elimination. Were we right? Find out below. (All times listed are Eastern.)

9:00pm — Time for the “Candy Crush” challenge! The design most consistent with the game would be a dress that’s fun to wear for about an hour and then gets so frustrating you throw it across the room.

9:02pm — “She was really good to me in my season,” says Stanley about Nina guest-judging this week’s challenge. Fabio knew Nina was coming out before she was even announced — he could feel her coming like Godzilla steps.

9:03pm — Fabio is obsessed with “Candy Crush,” but Edmond knows nothing about the game. That might be a disadvantage for Edmond in the challenge, but probably an advantage for him in life.

9:06pm — Stanley is creating a lakehouse dress with pants, which he feels will be unique for “Project Runway.” Edmond is going bright and multicolored. Ken and Fabio are both making jumpsuits, so we might be in for a “Who wore it best?” moment on the runway.

9:10pm — When Ken and Fabio find out Stanley is also doing a look with pants they’re surprised because it turns out when they were all trying to think outside the box, they ended up in the same other box. Oh fashion irony!

9:16pm — Okay, time for the dreaded mentor session with Anne Fulenwider. She works with Nina Garcia, so she knows what she likes and doesn’t like. She warns Edmond not to go straight for an athletic ski look. Anne isn’t too fond of Stanley’s dress-with-pants idea or scarf idea — the look on her face says it all. Anne loves Anthony’s fabric for safari resort-wear. She likes Ken’s choice of working with yellow and advises meticulous tailoring. And she thinks Fabio’s look is too warm for a tropical climate; she says he should ditch the pants in his look, but he’s going ahead with it anyway.

9:20pm — “Helen Keller can see he’s struggling with this scuba suit,” says Anthony about Edmond’s look. I’m concerned too.

9:21pm — Stanley is feeling very confident in his model fitting — the pants fit like a glove.  But I hope he’s not getting over-confident. Last week was pretty humbling for him.

9:22pm — “F*ck off, Stanley,” says Fabio half-jokingly when he sees how good Stanley’s design is coming out. Their designs have similar concepts, so she’s afraid of Stanley showing him up on the runway.

9:24pm — Edmond’s scuba-like design is reminding me of Char’s struggle with neoprene in “Thrown for a Loop by Betty Boop.” That didn’t turn out too well for Char.

9:27pm — “I’m feeling good,” says Edmond, who needs to figure out how to incorporate his purple fur. “I hope [the judges] understand.” But “a scuba suit is something you should wear to the ocean, not the mountain,” says Anthony. “Maybe she’s jumping off the mountain into the ocean.”

9:30pm — As the designers finish up their looks, I have the highest hopes for Fabio and the greatest concern for Edmond.


9:36pm — I love Stanley’s dress, but I’m not as big a fan of the pants underneath. It does look a little busy to me. It has maybe one idea too many cluttering the overall effect.

9:37pm — Edmond’s ski-mountain-scuba look isn’t working for me at all, but Ken’s breezy yellow look is fantastic.

9:38pm — Anthony likes his “polished” and “wearable” safari look, but it feels a little too simple to me. However, it’s perfect for the challenge and for his safari inspiration.

9:39pm — Fabio’s colors are fantastic, though I don’t love it on the runway as much as I did when it was in the workroom. It looks a little heavy. I think Ken might have my favorite look for this challenge, and I don’t have a good feeling about Edmond.


Ken — “You did a really wonderful job,” says Georgina, who loves the tailoring. “You nailed it,” adds Nina, though she thinks the fabric is too heavy. Kelly wisshes the sarong was removable, but otherwise thinks the look was “exquisite.” Alyssa thinks it’s “beautiful” despite one problem with seams.

Edmond — Georgina thinks it looks too much like athletic-wear. “I think you got tripped up,” says Nina, who thought the look was too “safe.” Kelly thought it looks like a girl who went skiing but accidentally brought a wet suit. But Alyssa liked it, though the crotch looks like she’s “packing a penis.”

Stanley — “There’s a lightness,” says Georgina, but she doesn’t like the trouser. Isaac thinks it’s “fresh,” but he doesn’t like the print of the dress. Kelly thinks it’s impressive because she’s never seen anything like it before. Nina admired his “boldness” in using volume, but “there’s too much going on.” However, Alyssa says it’s her favorite look he’s designed this season.

Fabio — “My mouth started watering,” says Alyssa, especially with the back of the dress. “Well done,” says Georgina. “It feels like she’s a prisoner of that dress,” says Isaac, and Nina agrees that she looks “front-heavy.” However, Kelly “loves” the look, though it does look heavy and sweaty to her.

Anthony — “That seems a little tricky to me,” says Nina about the complex way the model would get into the look. Nina also thinks she looks like a nurse. Alyssa likes it, but it looks “like an apron.”

9:51pm — No one got away unscathed during those critiques, though I still think Edmond is a goner with that scuba suit.


9:59pm — There are three high scores and two low scores in this week’s challenge. Stanley is safe with scores that put him through to the next round. The challenge winner is Ken, which means Fabio is the runner-up. This is Ken’s second win of the season and his first solo victory. Well deserved!

9:59pm — Anthony and Edmond are on the bottom, but the designer going home is … Edmond. I feel bad for him getting the boot right after winning last week’s challenge, but that design couldn’t survive up against the four looks he was competing against. I think this was a clear decision.

10:01pm — The pressure is going up next week. For their final challenge the designers will be creating six-look collections in Washington DC that will establish them in American fashion history. Might I suggest the designers avoid the color orange next week. Also, no red hats.


Who was eliminated? Edmond Newton

Who will be in the bottom two, but safe? Anthony Williams

Who will win the challenge? Ken Laurence

Who will be the challenge’s runner-up? Fabio Costa

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