‘Project Runway All Stars’ recap: The designers inspired by wonder women in ‘Fashion’s New Superheroes’ [UPDATING LIVE]

After last week’s difficult unconventional-materials challenge on “Project Runway All Stars,” the designers got to be heroes just for one day. In season six, episode five, “Fashion’s New Superheroes,” the remaining 11 competitors created looks inspired by women’s inner superhero. So whose looks were a marvel, and whose were fashion kryptonite? Scroll down to follow along with our minute-by-minute live blog of all the highs and lows.

One of the biggest questions going into Thursday night’s show was whether all womuld be forgiven after Helen Castillo criticized her fellow designers in “Balls Out.” She created her own textile for the challenge and thought some of her competitors took the easy way out by gluing the unconventional materials to muslin forms. She as much as said so on the runway when receiving negative critiques from the judges, prompting a confrontation backstage. “You undermined everyone else to make yourself look better,” said Fabio Costa, who had one of the high-scoring designs. “It was so crappy that even [Isaac Mizrahi] called it out.”

The designers seemed to make amends after the final results were revealed and Candice Cuoco was eliminated instead of Castillo. But Castillo still needed some redemption with the judges after landing in the bottom three for two of the first four challenges of the season. Our users thought she would be eliminated this week, so she may need to do something really heroic to stay in the competition for the long haul.

Who won and who was eliminated in “Fashion’s New Superheroes”? Find out below. All times listed are Eastern.

9:02pm — It’s showtime! Stanley Hudson won last week’s challenge, so he has the honor of passing out mysterious envelope with phrases like “magic gel,” “pink diamond,” “bee venom,” “contouring,” “snake” and “illuminating.” The words are inspired by the makeup products of Rodial. The superhero looks they’re designing will be based on those themes they received in their envelopes. The winner gets a one-year supply of Rodial beauty products.

9:05pmAnthony Williams got a volumizer, “dragon’s blood.” He says of his hero’s superpower, “Her body gets so hot that she can inflate her sleeves and fly.”

9:06pm — Fabio is going “gothic” and “edgy” for his “snake” superheroine.

9:07pm — “I’m going a little bit conceptual with this one,” says Fabio about his “snake” look.

9:07pm — “I want to go with monochromatic color blocking,” says Merline Labissiere about her “magic” superheroine.

9:09pm — “I still don’t know what my girl’s superpower is,” says Amanda, and she’s not sure what to do with the pink fabric for her look.

9:10pm — Anthony certainly hasn’t forgiven and forgotten Helen after her criticisms of her fellow designers last week. If she’s going to dish it out, he insists on dishing it right back at her.

9:20pm — Time for consultations with Anne Fulenwider. Amanda is working on a paint and color-blocking project. Anthony’s design looks like a “bridal gown” and “not fashion forward,” but Anthony disagrees. Merline’s design might be a little too “Star Trek” for Fulenwider’s tastes. Char Glover‘s “really onto something.” Helen need to be careful not to go “tacky.” Stanley need to make sure his design isn’t too simple. Kimberly Goldson could be “entering the world of gimmickry,” though she has good ideas. Ken Laurence‘s design has the makings of one of Fulenwider’s favories this week. Fabio’s look strikes Fulenwider as “grandma” — yikes! Edmond Newton‘s look is too “covered up” and may have a “taste issue.” Joshua McKinley doesn’t have a “full look.” but Joshua thinks Fulenwider needs to trust the McKinley magic.”

9:20pm — “That cape is sh*t, and that dress is designed to match,” says Anthony about Edmond’s sequined look.

9:21pm — “It’s okay if the sister wives want to be buddy-buddy,” says Helen about the camaraderie between Fabio, Anthony, and other designers who have been bouncing ideas off of each other. Helen seems to resent their friendship after

9:22pm — “My model fitting is not going the best,” says Kimberly. Her look reminds Helen of “My Little Pony.” And Amanda doesn’t even have anything ready for her model to try on. Her ambitious color-blocking ideas are taking longer than she expected, and she’s not sure how she’ll be able to finish in time on the morning of the runway show.

9:27pm — “Time has snuck up behind me and slapped me like a bitched that owes him money,” says Ken about the time-constraints on the morning before the runway show.

9:28pm — “I think it’s cool and princessy in such a weird way,” says Amanda, whose look finally seems to be coming together.

9:29pm — Helen isn’t alone in thinking the designers helping each other is strange. Amanda also complains that the collaboration between Fabio, Anthony, and others isn’t fair.

9:31pm — “It’s getting real right now,” says Merline about the intensity of the competition. Joshua thinks her look is like a “Star Wars” look. I’m not sure if that’s a step up from Anne Fulenwider thinking of it as a “Star Trek” look — depends on your fandom I guess.


9:35pm — Time for the runway show, which will be judged by host Alyssa Milano, Georgina Chapman, Isaac Mizrahi and this week’s guest judge, supermodel Karolina Kurkova.

9:37pm — “It’s impeccable,” says Fabio about his look as it struts down the runway. I think Helen has a nice rebound with well-placed cutouts.

9:38pm — “I love the flow of the fabric,” says Char about her look. A lot of black-and-white stripes happening, but I’m digging it.

9:39pm — “I really love the angles of the color blocking … I think I did okay,” says Amanda. Better than okay, if you ask me.

9:40pm — “It looks unlike anything else that’s on the runway,” says Joshua about his sexy, lingerie inspired look. I’m sure the judges will agree, but I’m not sure they’ll like it.


9:41pm — Edmond, Amanda, Ken, Anthony, Merline and Fabio are called forward. They represent the three highest-scoring and lowest-scoring looks. That means Josh, Helen, Char, Kimberly and Stanley are safe.

Fabio — “I really love your choice in textiles … I think it’s just gorgeous,” says Georgina. “Nobody does proportion like you,” says Alyssa.

Merline — “The proportions just aren’t quite right,” says Georgina. “I like how clean and modern it is,” says Karolina. “I’ve seen you do this shoulder before,” says Alyssa.

Anthony — “Will you make me this dress? I love this dress,” says Alyssa. “I can’t believe you achieved that neckline in such a short time,” says Isaac.

Amanda — The fabric is more appropriate for “making curtains,” says Georgina. Alyssa thinks there are too many geometric lines.

Ken — “I love your outfit. I love you sleeves,” says Georgina. “I do wonder about the randomness of bringing a bald cap into it,” says Isaac.

Edmond — “I would not have shown that cape,” says Isaac. “The dress doesn’t feel fully resolved,” says Georgina. “I don’t like the fabric choice,” says Karoline. “The cape is my favorite part,” says Alyssa.

9:52pm — “Anthony is on fire this season,” says Isaac about Anthony’s beautiful, voluminous sleeves during deliberations.

9:54pm — “That dress is just bad,” says Isaac about Amanda’s look. I like her dress a lot more than the judges do. And the judges think Merline keeps making the same mistakes. I’m guessing it’s down to those two for elimination.


9:58pm — Ken is safe, but not in the top two. The winner is … Fabio! Anthony lands in a close second place. This is Fabio’s second win. He’s the first contestant to win two challenges.

10:01pm — Edmond is in the bottom three but safe. The eliminated contestant is … Amanda! Merline barely survives. Honestly, I’m shocked by Amanda’s ouster. I think her dress was much better than the judges gave her credit for. That’s not a dress anyone should have been eliminated on.


Who was eliminated? Amanda Valentine

Who will be in the bottom two, but safe? Merline Labissiere

Who will win the challenge? Fabio Costa

Who will be the challenge’s runner-up? Anthony Williams

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