‘Project Runway All Stars’ recap: The designers were ‘Thrown for a Loop by Betty Boop’ [UPDATING LIVE]

Project Runway All Stars” season six was down to its top 10 contestants in episode six, “Thrown for a Loop by Betty Boop,” a unique design challenge in which the classic cartoon character, created in the 1930s, tasked the designers with creating young, chic Hollywood looks. So who slayed, who stayed, and who was eliminated? Scroll down for our live, minute-by-minute recap of all the developments as they happened.

Last week’s episode, “Fashion’s New Superheroes,” upended the competition when it ended with the surprise elimination of Amanda Valentine. Leading into that episode Amanda had been the front-runner to win the season according to the users we’ve polled every week for their picks. On top of that she was the fifth woman in a row to get the boot in a season that has also seen the male designers win every design challenge except the first.

Going into “Thrown for a Loop” our users didn’t expect that pattern to change. Helen Castillo was the odds-on favorite to be eliminated with racetrack odds of 7/5, while Anthony Williams was tipped to win the design challenge with odds of 6/5. Helen had been among the judges’ lowest-scoring designers twice before without a single high score in the first five weeks of the competition. Meanwhile, Anthony had three high scores, including a challenge win in episode two, “Damsels in Distress.” Anthony is also the new front-runner to win the season with 3/2 odds following Amanda’s ouster last week.

Were our users right, or were we “Thrown for a Loop” just like the contestants were? Find out below in our live blog. All times listed below are Eastern.

9:00pm — Let the games begin! After Amanda’s elimination last week I have no idea what’s going to happen tonight.

9:01pm — “We are honoring to be working with a very special guest,” says host Alyssa Milano to the contestants. She introduced an animated Betty Boop to the runway, and I’m wondering what mushrooms they fed the contestants so they can see a cartoon character right in front of them.

9:03pm — The will design a collection for Torrid stories. They have only one day for this challenge, and a $200 budget.

9:04pm — “I don’t need other people’s ideas,” says Joshua McKinley, throwing shade at other designers for giving each other input. He’s creating Betty cutouts for his design.

9:06pm — “She’s flirty, she’s young,” says Merline Labissiere about introducing a print. Flirty, maybe, but Betty Boop was created in 1930, so I’m not so sure about young.

9:09pm — “Sh*t, that sucks!” says Helen Castillo, starting to realize she’s bitten off more than she can chew with her striped fabric design.

9:10pm — Edmond Newton is using a bold print, and Helen wonders what he’s thinking, saying that the fabric looks like a better fit for an alien that eats your kids than it is for Betty Boop. I don’t know about Boop, but I think that would be a pretty sexy flesh-eating alien.

9:14pm — “I don’t want the print to overpower my design,” says Edmond. So he’s flipping that fabric to maintain balance.

9:15pm — Stanley Hudson thinks some of the other designers’ looks are too old. He’s aiming for something more youthful.

9:16pm — Time for the dreaded Anne Fulenwider consultation. Char’s look is a little “sock-hop.” Merline’s two fabrics may not jibe with each other, and she may want to focus on one color. Stanley might be using too much fabric for his own good. Fabio’s look “needs sex appeal.” Kimberly’s look seems like a “bathrobe.” Anthony’s fabric might be a little “trampy.” Edmond’s original fabric is blowing her mind. Joshua’s look is “street.” Helen’s look seems like a work look and not like young Hollywood. “I’m not seeing the young part,” says Anne upon exiting

9:19pm — “If I was Edmond, I would throw that sh*t in the trash,” says Ken. The knives are out from these designers tonight.

9:20pm — “Good luck on this challenge, and remember, Betty is a sexy girl!” says another special cartoon guest star, Popeye.

9:21pm — “Designig sexy for me is hard,” says Merline about tapping into Betty Boop’s sex appeal with her blue dress.

9:21pm — “I know I’m doing my strongest body of work this season,” says Johsua about his work. But he’s “crying for a critique” after five weeks of safe looks.

9:22pm — “Why are you making a maternity dress?” says Ken about Char’s challenging neoprene look. “It’s looking a hot-ass mess.” The designers are throwing so much shade they could block out the sun.

9:23pm — Edmond has changed his mind yet again. He’s taking Anne’s advice and will use the bolder alien design.

9:26pm — Joshua is thrilled with his top. It has a graphic design that reads “I Heart Betty” with a silhouette of Betty’s head in place of the heart. But even if the judges love it, Joshua hasn’t made a bottom for his look yet. I think the judges might frown on a model who comes down the runway naked from the waist down.

9:28pm — “I’m feeling anxious,” says Edmond. He has a lot of work to do after reverting to his original fabric. He hasn’t even seen his model in this look yet.

9:29pm — Char admits that she’s struggling with her neoprene material even though she loves the color. Ken thinks she should take herself out of the competition with a look that mess.y Ken is doing a lot of talking, he’d better have his own dynamite design to back it up.

9:31pm — “I hate it. It’s too much fabric. It’s too heavy,” says Stanley, realizing that Anne critique of his design was exactly right.

9:32pm — “Betty’s not going to wear a dress that looks like a tissue you blew your nose in,” says Joshua about Anthony’s design. Could this be an uncharacteristically bad night for Anthony, who has been excellent all season?


9:36pm — Time for the runway show with Alyssa Milano, judges Isaac Mizrahi and Georgina Chapman, and guest judge Rebecca Minkoff.

9:38pm — I’m not sure how I feel about Joshua’s sheer skirt.

9:38pm — I’m loving Edmond’s fabric. I’m not as sure about the cut.

9:39pm — “Honestly, I’m not proud of this design,” says Char. I agree to a degree. I love the top, but Char is right that the bottom is kind of a mess.

9:39pm — I’m digging Helen’s black-and-white patterned look with stripes and polka dots. It’s edgy but classic.

9:39pm — “The design looks easy, it doesn’t look fussy,” says Stanley. But I wonder if it’s too simple.

9:40pm — I’m not loving Ken’s black dress, which seems to sit very low on the model. It hangs really heavy on her.

9:41pm — Merline went out on a limb with her asymmetrical dress. Not necessarily my cup of tea.

9:41pm — Anthony’s “tissue dress,” as Joshua described it, looks better than Joshua gave it credit for being.

9:42pm — Ken, Fabio, Kimberly and Anthony are safe and advance to the next round. That means Joshua, Edmond, Char, Merline, Helen and Stanley represent the highest and lowest scores for the challenge.


Helen — “I love the neckline,” says Georgina. “You struck a good balance this week,” says Isaac.

Merline — “It doesn’t give me young Hollywood,” says Isaac. “Does she know who Betty Boop is?” asks Georgina. “You’re not getting the lines of the body.

Edmond — “I think the print really hurt you,” says Alyssa. “The front of it almost looked like saggy balls.” “It’s not youthful,” says Isaac. “What woman wants to look old?” “I feel distracted … You didn’t commit to a certain element,” says Rebecca.

Joshua — “I like your look a lot,” says Isaac. He thinks it’s “racy” but “not vulgar.” “I love your take on the New York t-shirt,” says Georgina.

Char — “I love the color,” says Alyssa, “but I have to say that’s it.” “This looks like something out of a freshman student competition,” says Rebecca.

Stanley — “It looks relevant right now,” says Georgina. “It’s a smart interpretation,” says Isaac. “I get young and sexy from that.” But Alyssa doesn’t see quite enough Betty Boop-style sex appeal.

9:51pm — Those were some pretty rough critiques. Even the most popular looks weren’t beloved.

9:52pm — “I don’t know what happened,” says Alyssa about the strange interpretations of Betty Boop sex appeal. During deliberations, Isaac says he was offended by Edmond’s ill-conceived choice of print and Char’s disastrous choice of material. Of course, Edmond chose that print because Anne Fulenwider liked it.


9:58pm — Stanley is safe, but doesn’t win the challenge. The winning designer is Joshua, which makes Helen the runner-up. This is the fifth challenge in a row with a male winner. I’m not sure I get it.

10:02pm — “Merline, you just scraped by,” says Alyssa. So the eliminated designer is Char, which means Edmond barely survives. Char is the sixth woman in a row eliminated from the competition. i’m not going to defend Char’s dress necessarily, but I don’t think the men have been so much consistently better this season than the women who have been sent home in droves.


Who was eliminated? Char Glover

Who will be in the bottom two, but safe? Edmond Newton

Who will win the challenge? Joshua McKinley

Who will be the challenge’s runner-up? Helen Castillo

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