‘Project Runway All Stars’ season 6: Men sweep the top 5 for the first time in ‘Runway’ history

Project Runway All Stars” eliminated Helen Castillo in Thursday night’s episode, “Rock Your Face Off.” That leaves five designers in the competition: Fabio Costa, Stanley Hudson, Ken Laurence, Edmond Newton and Anthony Williams. All five of them are men, which is not only unusual but historic. This is the first time one gender has swept the top five in the history of “Runway” — not just the 6 seasons of “All Stars,” but also the 16 seasons of the original series.

It’s all the more surprising in this season of “All Stars” because the women actually started out with the numbers advantage. There were an even 16 contestants at the start of the competition, but 9 were women while only 7 were men. However, over the course of the last 10 episodes all 9 women were eliminated compared to only 2 men who suffered the same fate. Carlos Casanova was booted in the season premiere, and then eight episodes later Joshua McKinley was ousted in “Posen on the Red Carpet.”

In-between, the women were picked off one by one: Kelly Dempsey in episode 2, Melissa Fleis and Ari South in episode 3, Candice Cuoco in episode 4, Amanda Valentine in episode 5, Char Glover in episode 6, Kimberly Goldson in episode 7, Merline Labissiere in episode 8, and now Castillo in episode 10. And in the entire season only one of the design challenges was won by a woman: Labissiere in the season premiere.

What do you think of the all-male final five? Were they really the best of the bunch, or did the women not get the credit they deserved? Vote in our poll below to let us know.

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