76 percent of readers thrilled there won’t be more four-week ‘Dancing with the Stars’

Don’t let the door hit you on the way out, four-week season of “Dancing with the Stars.” In a recent poll, 76 percent of readers is happy that there likely won’t be another shortened outing of the show again.

The truncated “Dancing with the Stars: Athletes,” which was ordered to accommodate “American Idol”’s move to ABC, was a nice idea in theory, but the limited time meant fans couldn’t get to know the contestants very well and the contestants didn’t have a chance to improve. The 10-person cast also led to multiple eliminations every week, including the first-ever triple elimination in the semifinal, and a one-hour finale caused the show to rush through the results, not even announcing second and third place until the next day. Not cool, guys.

SEE Don’t worry, Tom Bergeron doesn’t think we’ll have a four-week ‘Dancing with the Stars’ again

It was a rushed, anticlimactic affair that compelled host Tom Bergeron to reassure fans that a four-week season probably won’t happen again.

Meanwhile, 13 percent of readers preferred the shorter installment, while 11 percent is still torn about this four-week experiment.

Fortunately for the die-hards who are happy this season’s done, it will be regular season in the fall again. And if that’s not enough “Dancing” for you, the pre-taped “Dancing with the Stars: Juniors” spin-off will also last 10 weeks.

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