Stay tuned: Roseanne Barr will be punished at the Emmys next

It hardly seems fair that the Emmy hopes of “Roseanne” collapsed so soon after its star’s Twitter meltdown. Sure, Roseanne Barr’s own racetrack odds for Best Comedy Actress dropped drastically overnight at Gold Derby – from 22/1 to 80/1 – as Experts like me and Pete Hammond pulled her from our predictions in the wake of her scandal, but now it looks like co-stars John Goodman and Laurie Metcalf will be skunked in the acting races, too.

Most tragically of all: “Roseanne” will probably fail to be nominated for Best Comedy Series just like it got shunned throughout its original nine-year run even though it was the number one-ranked TV show in America for a few years and won the Golden Globe and Peabody. Not even to be nominated!

Many Emmy pundits like me believe there’s a good chance Robin Wright will make the list again for Best Drama Actress once “House of Cards” returns next year without scandal-plagued Kevin Spacey. Heck, there’s also a real chance that “Cards” could be dealt another bid for Best Drama Series.

So that proves that not every TV show collapses at the Emmys when its lead star implodes. Look at the strong Emmy run of “Two and a Half Men” after Charlie Sheen got axed for his psycho antics in 2011: voters actually gave Jon Cryer a consolation victory as Best Supporting Comedy Actor (in part for putting up with that rascally Charlie for so long) and Kathy Bates won in the guest acting slot for, of all things, portraying a snarky ghost of Sheen.

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“Roseanne” is probably different because it got nuked by ABC after its star’s meltdown while “House of Cards” and “Two and a Half Men” survived their stars’ blasts.

But the question begs: Why should any TV show or star suffer for what happens off screen? At the Emmys, shouldn’t contenders be judged on the quality of their TV work in the running?

(Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!)

Yes, of course, but, come on, this is diabolical, bitchy Hollywood, which never misses its chance to dance on a star’s fallen name. Usually, that happens at industry peer-group awards like the Emmys and Oscars where we see who’s in, who’s out, who’s in trouble and who’s the Next Big Thing when envelopes get opened at the podiums.

Do you really think that the Emmys and Oscars are about picking the best TV and film? Oh, please! Does anyone other than Sandra Bullock’s mother think she deserved to win a Best Actress Oscar for “The Blind Side”?

No, these awards are really about something else — they tattle on what Hollywood really thinks of itself. Remember who the voters are: veteran members of the TV and film industries.

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It’s no small coincidence that two of Hollywood’s greatest actors and worst drunken hooligans, Richard Burton and Peter O’Toole, went to their graves as Oscar’s biggest losers.

Never again wonder why Judy Garland lost the Oscar for “A Star Is Born” – one of the biggest upsets in awards history – to the mousey Grace Kelly in “The Country Girl.” Quite a few voters were surely among the poor souls who got stood up by Judy on a film set in years past or else they watched her arrive drunk and on the dolls.

Russell Crowe hasn’t been nominated at the Oscars since he threw that phone at a Manhattan hotel clerk and went wacky at the BAFTA Awards.

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But hallelujah, there’s hope! Yes, redemption is possible at award shows as Mel Gibson learned when Hollywood recently decided to forgive his past sins by giving him an Oscar nomination for directing “Hacksaw Ridge.”

After a hellish run with drugs, booze and the law during the 1990s, Robert Downey Jr. rallied in the eyes of his peers when he was nominated by the Emmys and SAG Awards in 2001 for his TV debut in “Ally McBeal.” At SAG, he won.

But such absolution seems unlikely for Roseanne right now as we see her personal demons and tragedies play out at an award show voted on by her peers.

Just a few days ago I predicted “Roseanne” would be nominated for Best Comedy Series and Roseanne Barr, John Goodman and Laurie Metcalf would snag bids for acting. Now I think only Metcalf has any hope of surviving the nuclear fall-out.

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