Ross Mathews (‘Celebrity Big Brother’): ‘No f***ing way’ could I have lasted 100 days! [EXCLUSIVE VIDEO INTERVIEW]

“No f***ing way!” is the animated response from “Celebrity Big Brother” runner-up Ross Mathews when we ask if he could have lasted 100 days in the house, which is about the length of a normal season. “I have done my time. I got early parole. I am thrilled and I’m never going back!” Despite loving his experience and being voted America’s Favorite Houseguest after 26 days, Ross can’t imagine returning for the full duration of an All Stars season. “They’d have to come at me with a really generous offer for me to even consider it,” he declares. Watch our exclusive video interview with Ross above.

Although Ross was able to execute a nearly flawless game, a bitter jury still awarded Tony Award-winning actress Marissa Jaret Winokur the $250,000 grand prize by a vote of 6-3. (See the “Big Brother” winners list.) The saltiest juror remains “American Pie” star Shannon Elizabeth. “I’m shocked she’s not more impressed,” says Ross. “I’m shocked she’s mad at me. Listen, I want to give Shannon a hug and then I want to buy her the box set of Seasons 1 through 19 so she can watch it and remember how this game works! She’s still so mad she wouldn’t talk to me at the finale.”

One player who did impress the TV personality was the notoriously conniving Omarosa. “I have to say Omarosa played a really good game. I mean she won two HOHs, she got out the biggest threat in the house. Other than me, and I think I played a way better game than Omarosa, I think she was second.” But would he have ever considered going to the end with her? “I was never going to take her to the end because I didn’t want to win like that. But I loved going toe-to-toe with her. It was sort of like a badge of honor. Love her or hate her, she is the best of the best at doing this.”

Although Ross would have loved to win “Celebrity Big Brother,” he is content in knowing he played the best game he could have. “I stand by my game. I am so proud of it. Some of the producers said that I played the best game that they had seen in all 20 seasons of ‘Big Brother.’ I had everybody in the final four willing to take to the final two. I still don’t know how I did that!” The standard edition of “Big Brother” is currently casting and will premiere this summer on CBS.

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