S-Rank dropped it like it’s hot in the final ‘World of Dance’ Duels [WATCH]

World of Dance” held its last Duels on Wednesday night, August 15, so the last qualifying competitors in each division faced off for the last spots in the cut. Hip-hop troupe S-Rank got an impressive score of 91 during the first round, so they were going to be tough for fellow Upper Team Division hip-hop crew Thamost to beat. And not only did S-Rank maintain their quality, they actually improved on their first-round performance with a Duels routine to Snoop Dogg‘s “Drop It Like It’s Hot.”

Watch their performance above, and read what the judges had to say about it below.

Ne-Yo: “The choreography almost remixed that song for me. It’s like one minute y’all were dancing to the beat, and then another minute y’all were dancing to the lyrics. It’s like you’re literally sitting there with a finger — ‘Okay, we’re going to turn the hi-hats up here.'”

Jennifer Lopez: “From beginning to end you could just feel the intensity emanating from you guys. Honestly I think the strength is that everybody plays their position. That’s a sign of a championship team. You’re just like, ‘This is what I’m doing right now, and if anybody’s watching, I’m killing it.'”

Derek Hough: “That was a clinic of musicality. You guys are masters of texture: the way you hit things, the way you hold back on certain things. I loved the yo-yo hat moment — what was that? The execution of it — it’s one thing to have the idea, but to execute it with that perfection … Well done.”

S-Rank scored 97 from Ne-Yo, 92 from Jennifer Lopez and 94 from Derek Hough, giving them an average of 94.3. That was almost 10 points higher than Thamost, who averaged 85.

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