S-Rank (‘World of Dance’) had royalty inside their ‘DNA’ when they danced to Kendrick Lamar during The Cut [WATCH]

The hip-hop crew S-Rank has been the class of the field in the “World of Dance” Upper Team Division all season, but their biggest challenge came during the Cut round when the eight remaining troupes had to compete for just three spots in the Divisional Final. They performed to Kendrick Lamar, and true to his lyrics they’ve got royalty inside their “DNA.” Watch it above.

S-Rank were one of the first teams to qualify, scoring 91 for their performance during the season premiere episode. Then they outdid themselves during the Duels when they scored 94.3, almost 10 points higher than their rivals in that head-to-head match-up, ThaMOST. That was the highest score for any Upper Team Division act during that round, so they had to be considered front-runners going into the Cut.

But “we’ve come to expect nothing less from S-Rank. That was a really great routine,” said Jennifer Lopez about their performance. Derek Hough added that it was a “musicality clinic. That rewind moment — just the timing and execution of that has to be spot-on … It was incredible.” And Ne-Yo called them “the cleanest team in the competition. It looks like one person up there.”

They didn’t score quite as high as their Duel, but their average of 92.3 was still the second highest in the division, which put them safely through to the Divisional Final along with fellow hip-hop crews Poreotics and The Ruggeds. Did you agree with that outcome? Vote in our poll below to let us know who you think deserves to win the Upper Team Division now that it’s down to the final three.

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