Sacred Riana’s imaginary friend scares the jeepers out of ‘America’s Got Talent’ judge Mel B: ‘I don’t like things like this!’ [WATCH]

“I don’t like things like this!” rasped a terrified Mel B when horror magician Sacred Riana made her a part of her latest “America’s Got Talent” act. The young female magician made Mel, aka Scary Spice, hold onto her baby doll as spooky music played overhead. Mel tried to pawn the doll off on co-judge Howie Mandel, but then Sacred Riana’s imaginary friend wrote in a book (in blood?) that she wanted to play with Mel instead. Watch the “Americas Got Talent” performance video above, if you dare, and then find out if Sacred Riana makes it past the Judge Cuts 3 episode by watching the results tonight on NBC.

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“What does this mean?” Mel asked when she saw the handwritten note in the book.

And Heidi Klum retorted back, “What do you mean what does it mean? She wants to play with you, Mel.”

Sacred Riana took the toy from Mel and put it in the tiny dollhouse, then announced in an echoing voice, “Come out. Let’s play.” Moments later, the doll turned into a human being and burst itself out of the dollhouse.

In lieu of a critique, head judge Simon Cowell simply said, “I actually want this to end right now.” Mel B shouted “Me too!” as Howie ordered Sacred Riana to “Go away now.”

“This is too much for me,” Mel declared after the act was over. “I’m gonna go to my dressing room.” As she walked off the stage, Sacred Riana started following her so Mel had to run away.

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During her first “AGT” appearance on May 29, Sacred Riana once again picked on Mel. The magician dropped her doll and approached the judging panel, then pulled out a collection of photographs and a news clipping about deaths and had Mel choose one. At that point Simon hit his X, but Mel continued to play along with what turned out to be a magic trick laced with horror. Despite a lack of support from Simon, Sacred Riana earned three yes votes from Mel B, Howie and Heidi and advanced on NBC’s reality TV show.

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