Which ‘Saturday Night Live’ presidential performance gets YOUR vote? Alec Baldwin as Trump, Will Ferrell as Bush … [POLL]

Live from New York, it’s … the President of the United States! Since its creation in 1975 NBC’s “Saturday Night Light” has made waves by skewering the current sitting POTUS, from Chevy Chase‘s Gerald Ford to Alec Baldwin‘s Donald Trump. Of all the “SNL” presidential performances through the decades, which one gets YOUR vote? Give us your thoughts by voting down in our poll below.

Some presidents were played by several different cast members over the years — for example, Trump has been taken on by Baldwin, Darrell Hammond, Taran Killam and even Leslie Jones. So in our poll we’ve narrowed down each president to his most iconic performance.

Baldwin won an Emmy in 2017 for playing the nation’s current tweeter-in-chief. Most of his sketches were opposite two-time Emmy champ Kate McKinnon who portrayed many political figures including Hillary Clinton, Kellyanne Conway, Jeff Sessions, Elizabeth Warren, Betsy DeVos and Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Prior to Baldwin’s Trump were a trio of millennial presidential performances: Jay Pharoah as Barack ObamaWill Ferrell as George W. Bush and Hammond as Bill Clinton. Pharoah was fired from “SNL” in 2016 and Obama hasn’t been seen since. Ferrell returned to Studio 8H on Saturday, January 27 and brought back his bumbling Dubya to great fanfare. And Hammond, who’s currently the show’s announcer, was last seen as Bill opposite McKinnon’s Hillary during the 2016 election.

Between 1975 and 2000, here are the other “SNL” cast members who infamously put on the shoes of the leader of the free world: Chase as Ford, Dan Aykroyd as Jimmy Carter, Phil Hartman as Ronald Reagan and Dana Carvey as George H. W. Bush. Below, vote for your favorite in our poll and then defend your pick in the comments section.

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