Scottie Salton (‘Big Brother’ 20) exit interview: Faysal Shafaat ‘is a hypocrite’ and ‘he betrayed me first!’

A not-so-surprised Scottie Salton was all smiles as he bolted out of the “Big Brother” house following his live eviction Thursday night. Scottie was eliminated in a unanimous 6-0 vote over Kaycee Clark. He whispered something into Sam Bledsoe‘s ear before leaving, which had host Julie Chen curious. “I said it’s not goodbye, it’s TTFN,” Scottie explained. “Ta-ta for now.” Gold Derby readers correctly predicted Scottie would be eliminated.

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Chen then brought up Scottie and Sam’s failed plan to convince Head of Household Faysal Shafaat to replace Brett Robinson with Haleigh Broucher as a nominee during the Veto meeting. Scottie had an interesting explanation for that, saying, “The plan was for Sam to pitch it. I figured if she pitched it, Fessy would put her on the block next to me.” Scottie was actually trying to double-cross Sam, thinking he could possibly beat her in the vote.

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Scottie had worked closely with Haleigh and Fessy throughout most of the game, so this should have been an easy week for him. So why was he evicted? “It’s one of two possibilities,” Scottie explained. “Either Zingbot is on the dot and Fes is a moron or Fes has been the flip vote this whole time and I was his target the entire time. If that happened then kudos because I did not see it coming.”

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Chen couldn’t give Scottie an answer as to why Fessy had targeted him, but she did ask, “Do you think it was personal or strategic?” Scottie giggled bashfully before answering with a question, “I hope neither?” He continued, “I mean I guess it had to be strategic because in physical competitions I was one of the only ones who could compete with him.”

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Chen finally asked the question fans have all been waiting to hear the answer to. Last week, Scottie was the only vote to save Rockstar Lantry, but when Brett tried to take credit for it, why didn’t Scottie forcefully call him out? Scottie said he was simply perplexed Fessy could ever believe Brett. “This guy lies nonstop and Fessy is ON MY TEAM! I did not think for even a brief second that would be questioned. And when it did I panicked and that’s why I acted a fool. It still doesn’t make sense to me.” In a heartwarming moment, Scottie then revealed to Chen that although he tries to bury his emotions, the feelings he expressed for Haleigh are real.

Finally, Chen got Scottie to admit that voting out Swaggy C Williams while wearing a “Swaggy C” shirt could have contributed to Fessy’s resentment toward him. “Swaggy and Fes promised to use the Veto on Steve Arienta week one and they didn’t,” he said. “They are the direct reason my best friend in the house went home so I didn’t really owe them anything. Fes is a hypocrite and doesn’t realize that he betrayed me first!”

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