‘Sharp Objects’ preview: What will Amy Adams uncover in episode 2 of HBO’s ominous limited series? [WATCH]

“My demons are not remotely tackled. I just survive,” says Amy Adams in HBO‘s ominous preview for upcoming episodes of “Sharp Objects” (watch above). The eight-episode limited series premiered last Sunday, July 8, and it introduced the world — and the many demons — of investigative reporter Camille Preaker (Adams), who’s on a mission to track down a killer in her hometown. So what have we learned so far, and what’s to come?

In the premiere episode, titled “Vanish,” Camille reluctantly accepted an assignment from her editor in St. Louis: she would revisit the town of Wind Gap, where one girl was murdered and another has gone missing. Her sudden arrival upset her mother Adora (Patricia Clarkson), who doesn’t want Camille to stir up trouble in the community that might blow back on her.

But Camille set out to do her job despite her mother’s objections, interviewing the father of one victim (Will Chase), the police chief (Matt Craven) and an out-of-town detective (Chris Messina) who are also investigating the crimes. Camille was even there when the missing girl also turns up dead, possibly suggesting the work of a serial killer.

We also watched Camille struggle with the lifelong effects of childhood trauma. She’s a barely functioning alcoholic and is covered in scars, perhaps self-inflicted. In flashbacks we learn that she had a sister who died, a tragedy that still haunts her. “I can tell, you love dead girls,” Camille is told in the trailer for upcoming episodes. From what we’ve seen of the show already, even if that’s true, Camille has certainly had her fill.

What do you think of “Sharp Objects” so far? How close will Camille get to the truth in episode two? And how much danger might she be in as she looks for answers?

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