Slavik and Genessy deserved a Tony for this tear-jerking ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ Broadway routine [WATCH]

The waterworks were flowing in the second week of live shows on “So You Think You Can Dance” thanks to contestants Slavik Pustovoytov and Genessy Castillo, and to Emmy nominated choreographer Al Blackstone, who created a Broadway routine for them that brought judges Vanessa Hudgens and Mary Murphy to tears. These two contestants came into the live shows as underdogs, and in some ways they may still be rough around the edges — hip-hop dancer Pustovoytov is still getting used to learning any choreography at all — but their chemistry and emotionality has made them, as Nigel Lythgoe put it, “very much alive in this competition.”

Do you agree? Watch their performance above, and read the judges’ comments below.

Vanessa Hudgens: “It was so sweet! You did Broadway, and you told a story, and it was so beautiful. And we have Al Blackstone to thank for that. It was so magnificent. You guys both continue to surprise me so much. Genessy, that was so beautiful and elegant and graceful; you looked like a beautiful old movie star. And Slavik, you brought this sweetness that this routine needed. I know you guys were out of your comfort zone, but that was just so beautiful, and your connection — I ship you … Because it’s your first time doing this I could see little moments where it wasn’t as strong, but you told the story and that emotion speaks heaps.”

Twitch: “Everybody up here crying and stuff! But it really is a beautiful thing just to watch. Y’all as a couple just make me smile, I don’t know what it is. And also, listen Al, I’m going to have to watch your style. The next time my wife is sitting on a park bench I’m sliding under that joint. That was beautiful. Incredible job.”

Mary Murphy: “I’d have to give you, if I could, a Tony for your performance just now. You really just pulled this in, and in and out of every single connection between the two of you. Slavik, you took such amazing care of her. It was so tender, and you had to get so vulnerable. That takes a lot of courage, to throw yourself out, let the wall come down, and do what you just did right now. Genessy, so stunning, technique amazing. Just beautiful tonight.”

Nigel Lythgoe: “It was lovely to see young love there — the tickling, the fuzzing up of the hair, all of that was part and parcel of this beautiful routine that was done so elegantly. Slavik, obviously you’ve got to learn how to do lines better so your right arm isn’t just left there, but the fun that you brought with it — it was chivalrous, so I thought it was beautiful. Sorry that you were dead in this routine, but I think you are very much alive in this competition.”

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