Steve Arienta (‘Big Brother’ 20) exit interview: ‘I was apparently fooled,’ he admits after being blindsided

“To say I’m not shocked would be a lie,” a stunned Steve Arienta expressed to “Big Brother” host Julie Chen following his live eviction Thursday night. “I’m shocked. I was more than confident; which is mistake number one.” The former undercover cop was blindsided when Kaitlyn Herman flipped on her alliance, evicting him in a narrow 7-6 vote over Sam Bledsoe. Gold Derby’s readers correctly predicted that Steve would be eliminated.

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Steve was under the impression he had formed close bonds with “the bros” (Brett Robinson and Winston Hines) on one side of the house and Swaggy C Williams‘ group on the other. “I thought that having a double alliance where I could utilize both of them to carry me over the seven votes was a smart play in the first week,” he maintains. “Obviously somebody within the alliance groups thought it was different.”

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Chen presses Steve to go on, asking if he was actually told by all of those players they were aligned with him. “Oh yes. I was apparently fooled.” But despite Steve being the oldest houseguest in the game, he didn’t feel ostracized. “I went in trying to be the ‘quirky uncle.’ A lot of them saw me as maybe a young father-type figure. But at no point in time did they make me feel like an outsider. They were all inviting, warm and welcoming. I can’t say enough good things about all of them.”

Chen then brought up the fact that Steve had lied to his housemates by telling them he was a mechanic. She busted his chops about how much he talked about law enforcement in the house. After a montage of Steve discussing everything from a state trooper’s annual salary to admitting all his friends were cops, Chen bluntly asked, “Being that you were an undercover cop, why is it so hard to keep your mouth shut?” The live audience chuckled before Steve rebutted. “When you’re an undercover police officer and you’re put in certain situations you’re only [there] for a limited amount of time. The ‘Big Brother’ house is 24/7. It is very difficult to keep that [facade] up.”

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