‘Survivor’ 36 episode 5 elimination predictions: Chris Noble/Domenick Abbate feud will result in Chris’ ouster this week

According to Gold Derby’s exclusive predictions, the ever-growing feud between Chris Noble and Domenick Abbate will reach its apex on Wednesday’s fifth episode of “Survivor,” titled “A Diamond In The Rough.” These two castaways have been going at each others’ throats since Day 1, despite Domenick trying to make good with Chris by showing him his [fake] hidden immunity idol. The only problem? Chris recognized that the idol was likely fake, so all trust was lost. Our predictions favor Chris to go home this week with leading 8/5 odds, while Domenick looks to be safe as he only has 50/1 odds.

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Chris and Domenick’s fellow Naviti tribe members will soon be forced to choose between both men, but how might the votes fall? Based on CBS’s preview for Wednesday’s episode, Donathan Hurley seems to be building up some kind of friendship with Chris, who also easily has Angela Perkins in his pocket.

On the flip side, Domenick and Wendell Holland have a tight bond and Laurel Johnson was brought into the fold when Domenick revealed his real immunity idol to her. That leaves James Lim and Libby Vincek as potential swing votes. Will they join the alliance of Chris, Donathan and Angela? Or will they side with Domenick, Wendell and Laurel?

Following Chris on our elimination chart, Bradley Kleihege comes in second place with 11/2 odds. The next four people are all tied at 16/1 odds: Stephanie Johnson, Sebastian Noel, James and Wendell. See more “Survivor” odds and rankings. As for our other event questions, our odds-makers predict that the Malolo tribe will win both the Reward challenge (8/15 odds) and Immunity challenge (5/6 odds), that no one will play a hidden immunity idol (1/5 odds), and that nobody will quit the game (1/20 odds).

Who will be the fifth player sent to Ghost Island, following in the footsteps of Jacob Derwin, Donathan, Chris and Kellyn Bechtold? Our odds currently favor that Laurel (9/4), Stephanie (4/1) or Michael Yerger (12/1) will be the latest inhabitant. In last week’s episode Kellyn made the bold decision to not engage in the game at Ghost Island because she feared what would happen if she lost her vote at tribal council. As it turned out, her vote was needed as without her we would have seen a 4-4 tie between Bradley and Brendan Shapiro.

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