‘Survivor’ 37 deleted scene: Elizabeth ruffles Carl’s feathers after ‘smart’ chicken escapes [WATCH]

“She tends to get under my skin,” Carl Boudreaux whispers to Kara Kay about Elizabeth Olson during the latest deleted scene from “Survivor: David vs. Goliath.” After a chicken escapes from its coop, Elizabeth ruffles Carl’s feathers when she tries to explain how some chickens are different from others. Carl continues on, “I mean it’s just like relax. You don’t know everything. I’m laid back, but if you get under my skin, you get under my skin.” Watch CBS’s “Survivor” deleted scene above.

To backtrack a bit, Carl’s orange Vuku tribe won the challenge in the fifth episode that rewarded them with several chickens and a rooster. With food scarce on the island, a continuing supply of eggs and protein is key to the castaways gaining nourishment for upcoming challenges. But as is usual for “Survivor,” the chicken coop doesn’t just bring happiness, it also brings drama.

While Elizabeth is trying to track down the escaped chicken, she notes, “The black and white speckled one got away. I could tell she was smarter. A lot smarter than them other ones. The black ones are more docile and dumb. I’ve got one speckled one at the house, too. The speckled one I’m telling you is smarter.” Carl rolls his eyes and responds, “They’re all dumb. They’re f***ing chickens.”

Elizabeth, Carl, Kara, Alec Merlino and Davie Rickenbacker start running around camp trying to grab the escaped chicken, with Carl eventually catching it underneath the shelter. “Elizabeth has this whole psychological thing about the chickens,” he later states in a confessional. “This particular chicken is this way and that particular chicken is that way. I grew up around chickens all my life and a chicken is a chicken.”

How might Carl and Elizabeth’s chicken drama come into play in future episodes? With the merge on the horizon, they’d be foolish to let it divide them. As former members of the David tribe, they’ll be entering the merge at a 6-7 numbers disadvantage compared to the Goliaths. Find out what happens next when “Survivor” returns Wednesday, November 7 on CBS.

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